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Va Va Vixens - a Review

    A friend posted she was going to see a local burlesque troupe, the Va Va Vixens, last night.  I know this may come as a surprise, but I've been wanting to see that show. I'm a fan of pin-up girl art, Moulin Rouge, Chicago, and my friend who owns a lingerie business with a heart to help cancer survivors feel beautiful and sexy.  Well, my friend going to the show added me to her list of guests and I went!  I am so glad I did. 
     I honestly didn't know what to expect when I walked into Headliners Music Hall, but I knew it would be interesting.  And I wasn't disappointed when the first sight was a young woman in a corset and tutu on stilts!  The night was filled with beautiful ladies in costume, talent that was above & beyond, an engaging crowd, and sights I will never forget.  

     There were many moments that I would come back for:
  • The pre-show singers.  Amazing voices. 
  • The cheeky themed songs like the ball and chain song.
  • The aerial stunts.  The girl in the flying cube.  Unbelievably cool.
  • The empowering number that shows there's a little vixen in every girl regardless of what they look like during the day.
     When I talked with some of the actresses after the show it was interesting to find out that many of these ladies had unassuming regular day jobs.  A professor, an attorney, a teacher, and others.  That made the show even better for me.  These ladies come together to entertain others showing off their inner vixen.  Makes me want to be one.  
     Last night was the first of five shows they have scheduled for Valentine's Day.  If you get a chance, go see them!  Check out the schedule here:  Headliners Music Hall.