Wednesday, May 30, 2007 1 comments

First Time Blogger

Here goes - my first "blog." There's so much to say and so little time! How about an overview of recent events:
  • New pastor at church, Chad Doerr - his first day will be June 18 - can't wait to start working with him. Not only is he young and bringing a beautiful family with him, he also knows his way around a computer and is not afraid to use it! In fact, he has a blog (which inspired me to get started on my own):

  • Recently a beloved member of my church passed away from cancer, Stephanie Frazier. She was an inspiration to hundreds of people and will be missed. But I have to confess that I'm a little jealous she's already living in Heaven with Jesus and dancing with the angels!

  • I am almost ready to put the pool up! Just need some extra hands and sturdy backs. Once that's done I can get the deck/stairs started.

  • Going on vacation!! June 10-15 I'll be in Florida with my best friends, Kim, Darren & Tyler Wall. It's to celebrate Tyler's good grades.

The attached picture is a logo I've worked on for my own business someday. It would be a full-service record label/publishing/recording/managing/development company for new talent. I've done it for years on small scales with teaching and producing talent shows at church - I love music and all that is to everyone. I'd love to perform professionally, but until I get off my butt and work my talent (and quit thinking I suck at it), I won't get anywhere with it. It's all in my head (don't laugh!).