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Vaude In The Ville - FINALLY Sharing My Thoughts

Why, oh why, did I take so long in getting my thoughts out there about my experience watching 'Vaude in the 'Ville last month?  I could claim alien abduction or failed technology or coma.  But that would not be true.  Funny, but not true.  So, excuses are my thoughts on my creative friend's show, 'Vaude In The 'Ville!

Not everyone remembers the old Vaudeville style shows from "back in the day," but if you've ever seen more contemporary versions through The Carol Burnett Show, The Muppets, Hee Haw, or In Living Color, you kinda get the idea that it's all about the variety.  And Divinity Rose and her cohort, John Cowgell, had that variety aspect covered - in spades!  Everything from singing, dancing, audience participation with nerf guns, live tweeting, comedy, a cool light show, and even a light up "Applause" sign box.  All within the space of the upstairs of The Bards Town in the Highlands.

Now, I'm partial to the singing.  And I love to hear Divinity sing.  John did not disappoint either.  The song selection fit the theme of the night, "If The Stars Were Mine." Even the cool lighting effects joined in the frivolity playing clips of old concession stand commercials during intermission.  There were very few dull moments and improve abounded with the addition of projecting live tweets on the wall. 

When they do this show again (and there's talk of a TV show), I recommend you join in the fun!

Here's a taste of what I got to see...