Friday, January 15, 2016 4 comments

Why I Do A Word Of The Year

I love using a word of the year.  For years now I have used a single word as a theme for the year.  Believe was my first one.

At first, it was weird.  I didn't know what to do with it.  I got some post-it notes and wrote "Believe" on a few and posted them in places I would see throughout the day.  Somedays I didn't even notice the word, but others.  Oh my...

On "those" days - you know the ones.  I clung to "Believe."  Throughout the year my beliefs got tested. By the end of the year I was amazed how relevant that word was to me.

I've used other words and had the same outcome:  Preparation, Simplify, Focus, etc.

Last year when I chose "Advance" I added some things to really bring it to life.  Books and Bible Studies.  I really thought through what "Advance" meant to me.  Advance was a battle term for me - to move forward and take on the challenges. So I chose books that spoke to that theme and biographies! To learn from those that have gone on before and advanced - like Joseph in the Old Testament.  And I learned a lot. It strengthened me for the year and some amazing stuff happened!

So I'm doing it again.  THIS year, I chose "Magic."  I wanted to have a word that would encourage big-out-of-the-box-take-chances thanking.  Magic takes belief, imagination, expertise, and lots of work to produce.  And I am SOOOOOOOOO ready for some magic!  I have some books to get me started - studying Disney of course - and I'm returning to my journaling.  And I found THIS journal...what do you see?  Doves? Or a Face?  Almost like "Magic," don't ya think?

Using a word of the year really brings the theme alive in my life.  So if you're thinking of using a word of the year - choose wisely.

Thursday, January 14, 2016 0 comments

It's About Time

We are already 3 weeks into 2016. It feels like the days speed up every year. It's crazy.

And 2015...that was a heck of a year. Lots of things happened.
  • Right off the bat - my mom got married...on January 1!
  • I met a new friend that I affectionately call "recess" because he makes me feel that everything in life can be fun.
  • Another fun Gear-Up event.
  • Had an interesting history-making meeting in Frankfort with Senators and lawmakers that resulted in a bill being submitted for vote to legalize cannabis in Kentucky.
  • My involvement with Executive Women International was showing signs of movement throughout the organization. Numbers were turning around and our time in Tulsa was productively positive.
  • A close friend of mine from college passed away.  The blessing was that I got to see him a few times before he passed.  He was still giving me advice when I saw him last. And I chose to honor that advice.
  • I got a vacation for the first time in years - with my bestie - to DISNEY....couldn't have been better!
  • Another friend of mine, Vicki, passed away after losing her long-time battle with cancer. She was a spiritual mentor of mine just by her example of handling life.  Her whole family is precious to me.  And she also gave me advice the last time I saw her.  And I chose to honor that advice.
  • I was not only nominated, but was one of three finalists for Professional of the Year Award in Southern Indiana.  
  • A bittersweet experience came when I left Arkham Executive.  I love my clients and all they were accomplishing.  It was a financial decision and it's worked out for the best for everyone involved.

I have been hesitant to write a posting lately.  First of all, there's been a TON going on.    And with all the business changes, I did everything I knew to make sure each step of the transition was respectful of my ex-business partner, and helpful for me...a win-win for everybody.  

So - here's the deal.  When I left Arkham, I got a job.  That job turned into a consulting position and I just helped out with the day-to-day.  THEN, I had a couple other people contact me to help on a part-time basis.  So those are now consulting clients as well.  I had PLANNED on staying on the down-low ... but "Recess," as well as a handful of others that I highly respect, became very vocal "Don't wait to start something new for yourself!"  Thus, all the new stuff getting launched.

I have worked tirelessly to create everything from scratch...but I have it up and ready! my friend Kevin would have sung to me, "keep moving forward."  And so I will.  Because time feels so short, and I don't know when my last breath is, or that of my loved ones.  I will use my energy to serve well, laugh much, and love deeply.  Every. Day.