Monday, September 3, 2012 0 comments

FOCUS During Transition

This image is a good representation of my life on a daily basis. Although, that blank section where the pieces are pulled apart a little?  That is transition. And those transitions can be rough, especially if you are going through more than one at a time.  Which is what I'm doing lately.  Lots of transitions.  And I haven't really had time to enjoy the neutral zone.  Until this weekend.

I should really be writing more for my first book release, "The No Rules Way,"  or entering all the business receipts into a spreadsheet, or cleaning the truck, or any number of good productive things.  This weekend; however, has allowed me the space to just "be."  My body has been able to rest, and so has my mind.  I've spent some time reading outside in the swing under a shade.  I've spent some time sleeping a couple extra hours.  I've enjoyed some time with friends and family.  The things I haven't had the opportunity to do much of lately. At first I felt like I was being lazy, but I let that feeling go quickly.  It's healthy to recharge.  Even slowing down to "smell the roses" can give you a recharge.

I thought again of my word for this year - FOCUS.  What have I been focusing on lately?  Things that don't help me get any closer to my goals, that's for sure.  I get so bogged down in the details of trying to stretch dimes into twenty dollar bills that I lose sight of all the things that are already taken care of.  I get lonely and feel like I'm not pretty enough or too fat to be asked out.  I get caught up in trying to make current situations work that I lose the vision of an end result.  I've been focusing on surviving the transitions instead of enjoying the adventure that is life.  I'm sure you've never done that...