Tuesday, February 9, 2016 0 comments

Movie Magic...Those Moments When God Whispers So Loud You Can't Hear Yourself Think

Have you ever had "one of those days" (or weeks or months or years) and just needed SOMETHING good to touch your soul and give you peace?  Yeah, same here.

It's been interesting lately.  Business is moving slowly which makes everything tense.  I am running behind from a deficit.  AND, the guy thing.  Don't get me started there.

I pray and talk to God on a constant basis.  He's my confidant and comfort even though it's hard to feel a hug from Him.  And I have learned and know for sure that if I can get my mind set in a positive way, I can get through hard stuff quicker and be productive.  The trick is getting my mind set in a positive way.  What to do?  Well, I ask myself "What am I putting INTO me?"  Not just food, but sensory:  what I read, what I see, what I smell, what I touch, what I hear.  My first go-to is music.  I have some strong favorites that can help turn me around.  But the past few days I added movies.

From Little Boy, my faith was strengthened in having FAITH, believing in myself and my partnership with God, and putting it all into action.  When that lines up...miracles happen and you can move mountains.  Plan on feeling the earth move...

And today, Kung Fu Panda 3.  If you haven't seen it yet - DO IT!  Po's path to maturity teaches him who he really is and what it means to be the Dragon Warrior.  And love works like ch'i...it strengthens and grows as you GIVE...not as you TAKE.  So even if my feelings are hurt, even if I feel like I'm not successful...I DO know who I am and I choose to show love regardless of the other person.

I could have chose to drown my sorrows, or go off-radar.  But I'm happy with how I've chosen to reset my mind today. God whispered LOUD to me this week.  Believe - have Faith - give Love - put it all in action...and Magic will happen!