Sunday, March 23, 2014 0 comments

A Good Thing During A Bad Time

     It's been an interesting part of my path lately.  Lots of changes, frustrations involved, but great things in store ahead if I can keep my head in the game.

     An interesting moment lately was when a former boyfriend of mine gave me some closure about that time in my life.  He told me, "You were a good thing during a bad time."  Hmmm.  I appreciated it.  Really.  Telling me now, after 20 years, has a totally different impact than if he would have said that 20 days afterward.

     I thought about it.  A good thing during a bad time.  Isn't that what a hero is?  A hero comes into someone's story when it's bad - to give protection, guidance, motivation, and hope.  Sometimes, that hero is in the form of a best friend, or a soldier, or a teacher, or a nurse, or a firefighter, or your parent, or even a lover.  But a hero can also be ourselves finding the inner strength it takes to keep pushing on in the right direction, overcoming odds, and being forgiving of ourselves and others.

     Time may aid in the healing of wounds like old break-ups...but heroes take action to overcome the hurt.  Be a hero for yourself and others.