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Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments? I like this concept - quick little tidbits of the week in one blog post. I always have a lot I would love to write about, thus giving me more writing practice.

[ My back is finally starting to feel better. I can put on my socks without laying them on the floor and trying to slip into them, or just give up and wear sandals.

[ A LOT of work is getting done around the house to get ready for Summer! Bill is amazing with yards - I've never had such a manicured look. And the pool is rebuilt and will be ready to jump into when I get home today! And doing wood treatment really does work. We only got a little patch area close to the pool done before giving up one night. Then the rain came. The difference is really neat to see.

[ Came across a book passage that made me really think. It basically said that God doesn't necessarily use His power all the time simply because the display would not make us LOVE HIM. We would be impressed, yes. But to really love God - to have that meaningful relationship - it must be the development of that ongoing relationship. We can fall in love with God, and fall out of love with Him if we have the wrong perception of who He is or if He doesn't give us what we want when we want it (humans are brats). If we truly love God - not for what he's done for us, but for who He is, we will simply love Him. We will want to be with Him. We will want to please Him, honor Him, and live to serve and give Glory to Him. Even if He does not display His power in "miracles" or "signs & wonders."

[ Boys will be boys, and young boys will imitate their dads to the last detail - even if the spit he tried to make go 4 feet like his dad only went down the front of his shirt.
[ A majority of people aren't grateful for a free meal - they act like they deserve it!
[ I thoroughly enjoy seeing God move in my friends' lives. To see people use their talents and gifts to benefit others and God's Kingdom is joyous!
[ Keeping multiple blog sites will be challenging, but with a schedule, it should be fun and rewarding.
[ I forgot I had so much Wonder Woman stuff till I put up shelves for it, and it all won't fit on two shelves!
[ Going to a new church has been refreshing. I see people I know every time I go. It might be time to get more involved.
[ Rejoice in the Lord always! Again, I say Rejoice! (Philippians 4:4)
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Happy Anthems

I'm a newbie to Mama's Losin' It, but I love her blog! And I thought I would, like Rebecca, take her prompt challenge. So here goes...

1.) What is your life's anthem? You know...that song that is ALWAYS in your head. The one you'd go to sing first if someone told you to sing a song right NOW. What is it and what does it mean to you?

There are so many songs that run through my head at any given moment. Because my life has so many twists and turns, the songs that are played in my head run like an old jukebox that belts out one song after another of different varieties with that silent pause to change the vinyl. Yes, vinyl.

For example, on any given morning I can wake up singing a worship song God's literally placed in my head. I really have woke myself up singing in my sleep. "Count Your Blessings," "Amazing Grace," "Just a Closer Walk With Thee," and "In The Garden" are some of favorite older hymns. Newer favorites are anything by Casting Crowns, "Heaven" - the Salvador version, or anything we sing regular at church services. Other times I can just have a thought about something, anything, and a matching song will go through my head. Any style too - Motown to Country to Worship to Southern Gospel to old Jazz. So it's always really hard to choose something right NOW to sing.

But as for my whole life's ANTHEM song. There would be two: "Lonely River" by Susan Ashton and "The Love of the Lord Endures" by Joy Williams. Both of these songs are heart-wrenching as well as comforting and motivating at the same time. They have messages that no matter how much life doesn't make sense and I feel alone, God does make sense and He is always with me no matter what. And He will be with me on this journey running the race to the finish!

Lonely River lyrics(Wayne Kirkpatrick, Michael W. Smith)
Lonely river
You meander like a road
Stretching out into the great unknown
With solitary movement
You're compelled and you're enthralled
As though you're answering a distant call
Lonely river
Is there a place you're running to
Or is it something that you're running from
Is it hope that keeps you going
Is it faith that makes you strong
Lonely river, lonely river, running on
Lonely river
In the stillness of the night
Your restless nature keeps you raging on
Changing courses
Shallow waters, tangent streams
Lonely river, do you wonder what it means
Lonely river
I think I am a lot like you
Winding on in hopes to find the sea
And flooded by uncertainties
The current can be strong
But drifting towards our destinies
The arm of God is long
And I believe that through this journey
'Til we're finally home
Lonely river, we will never, run alone

The Love of the Lord Endures...

Now, for this one! 5.) List ten things that make you HAPPY.

1. Jesus. Because He's the answer for everything (right, Erica :-) )

2. Bill. He just knows how to make me laugh and he's such a good man!

3. Driving down an unexplored country road with the windows open and music blaring and sun shining

4. Spending time in my pool! It's almost full and ready to jump into (thanks, Bill!!!)
5. Springtime - seeing God's creation come to life in full color is just awesome. And this year I've been able to pick-up momentum on a favorite activity - photography.

6. Music - anything that fits my mood. A couple that will guarantee a good mood for me: "Perfect Isn't Easy," from Oliver & Company, and "I Love Ya Honey," by Patsy Cline. Two perfectly shallow songs, but oh-so-fun to sing along with!

7. Food. I admit it, I'm an addict! I've gotten a lot better over time, yes, I'm an emotional eater. Also, I don't really take time to cook healthy meals when it's just me. But when I give myself the time to really cook or go out to eat something I really enjoy, it's so nice! I have favorites of course: pizza (any kind just about), Hagaan Daz Bailey's Irish Cream Ice Cream (haven't had this in months!), fresh fruit - honeydew, red or black grapes, strawberries...mmmmm, and Bill's hot wings - oh man those'll burn ya! But it's worth it!

8. Cartoons, Comics & Disney. These all have to be wrapped-up together. Wonder Woman being my favorite. I have an almost complete collection of her comics and 2 shelves full of "stuff." I grew up with cartoons being my family since I was an only child and a latchkey kid to-boot. They have always been there for me and I still remember the phrase after a lesson, "and now I know...and knowing is half the battle," spoke at the end of each GI Joe cartoon. There was always a clear line between good & evil and good always won (wonder where they got that idea). And going to Disney World is my favorite form of refreshing! It's one of my favorite places in the world to escape to. I'd love to take Tom & Bill this fall - taking donations for that :-).

9. Getting projects done. It feels good to have a sense of accomplishment. The Italy video project comes to mind.

10. Knowing this life is just temporary. There's more exciting things to come!

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A Boy & His Dad - and 2 bikes!

It was a pretty great weekend. It was Tom's weekend - and Bill's! With the extended weekend, the guys got over 4 days together. And being with a 7 year-old for 4 whole days! Bill did not get much sleep. And it was great for both of them to be active as much as possible.

We got to see the movie, "Night at the Smithsonian" Sunday afternoon. Well, there's a small arcade area that we just HAVE to play a few games before we leave a movie. Tom's obviously pretty good at video games (hello - he's 7), but he's still got some work to do on doing all the stuff on the driving games at once. So Bill runs the gears while Tom drives.

But the best fun came while watching them play air hockey. I wasn't sure how this would go, Bill was pretty nonchalant at first to give Tom a shot at it of course. But when Tom outscored his dad at one point (see the look on this kid's face!), all bets were off! I think they called it a tie when they were done ;-).

I just can't express how cool it is to get to be a part of it all some weekends. And Bill loves his son beyond words, which is priceless nowadays.

And for the bikes? Remember that yard sale I mentioned in a previous posting? I just couldn't resist stopping to look. And I did it - I purchased two older style bikes. With a little wire brushing to remove some rust and some spray painting, along with new cables and seat, they'll be like new! Nice summer project. You might see me at Buffalo Trace toolin' around on my bike. I wonder if I can make a basket for the front of one?

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Art Show WINNER!

One of girls in GCC youth took part in her school's Visual Arts Art Show last night. It's amazing the talent that God just pours out. And I was so proud of Chayla - she got Best of Show for one of her drawings!

It was fabulous, and she is loaded with talent. Cindy and I just kept telling her she has to do something for us sometime! I'm including the rest of her entries here too. The black & white self-portrait I watched her work on...the nose frustrated her to no end! My nose frustrates me too, just in a total different snotty way! If you click on a picture it'll come up bigger. Enjoy!

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The Weather is Perfect!

It's that time of year, and it's a great weekend for it! YARD SALE SEASON!!!!

I saw about five yards filled with goodies as well as many mroe signs just going to the doctor's this morning. I'm eyeing an old bicycle...hmmm...

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Blogging Update!

Ok - I have them other blogs. I'll be adjusting and making changes/additions over time, but I hope to expand my "networks" into many little "worlds." Just check out the "My Blogs" section to the right for updates or become a follower if you are already on here. I'm actually excited!

Just check them out sometime: The Garden Guru, The Creative Side, Thru The Lens
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Making Some Blog Changes

For anyone that checks in regular-like, I will be making some changes. I'm going to keep this one for sure, but I've decided to venture out into more niche-style blogs that focus on subjects I enjoy: photography, writing, gardening, crafts, organizing/planning, travel, and who knows what else. So, here's the first of a few more to come: Thru The Lens. I hope you'll visit often!
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What I've Been Missing-Take 2

What have I missed? I honestly wouldn't know with all the medication I've taken over the past week! :-) !!!

I admit it, I'm at work today going through emails, sending out TV/Radio order forms, ordering supplies, updating my calendar, etc....and plowing my fields. What?, you may ask. Well, if you've not tried this facebook game yet - it's a lot of fun! FARM TOWN!

I don't play a whole lot of computer games, but if I do it's generally something where I can build/plan things or word games. And Farm Town is right up my alley. I hit level 16 today finally; planted me some cabbage! I've been without a computer for a week now and could have gotten a lot higher. But this little game is so cool! I added a buddy that I look to for ideas, "birdie." She's in the level 30s...with multiple barns, houses, ponds, and all kinds of animals. Here in the office there are 3 of us that play it - we're all neighbors of course. And some people from church are on it too. It's been funny in real life neighbor meetings!

Bill and I were at WalMart before I took my week-in-bed "rest" and met Amy McArthur, a fellow FarmTown neighbor. We starting talking about plowing, harvesting, best crop prices, livestock - you know, all things farming. Bill was confused at first until we clued him in. But he REALLY rolled his eyes when I saw another fellow "farmer" at church and we started talking about it too. I've felt like those real farmers in small towns that gather in the old storefronts or at the back of pickups to just talk and build friendships that last. I wonder if these kinds of games are just the next generation of that? Although, nothing beats that face-to-face conversation over the tailgate of a pickup!
By the way, if you've never done it, plant your own garden for real! I won't have one this year simply because my mom has a gigantic garden plowed - about a half acre at least - filled with all kinds of goodies! But I have catnip in a container on the deck just for the fur babies in the house. Plus, the Peakes have a decent size garden going as well. So I will be guaranteed fresh tomatoes and other great veggies this summer.
And if planting your own is not idealic, but you still want FRESH produce - try a farmer's market. I know New Albany has one - New Albany Farmer's Market. Not only do you save money, but it's the much better than what you get at a grocery.

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Spines, Dr., & Country Music

Well, my spine is all good. No bad disks, no pinched nerve, just some pulled ligaments and muscles. And to heal-up it requires bed-rest - 2 weeks worth! Ugh. But at least it's not surgery.

But I just had to post a couple of thoughts I had this morning.

  1. 1. My x-ray was really cool! I have a healthy spine, which is really good news. The funny part was you could see the buttons and zipper from my pants as well as the metal hooks in my bra. I almost asked out loud "what are those loopy things up there?" Duh...
  2. The doctor's office was very basic in the classic dull gray color. The nurses were all nice, and country music filled the air. I guess to make up for the gray color. Bill was about to die from both. So then I get called back to see the Dr. He's Indian - from India - no real surprise there. However, what I found so funny? Let me just say.....Indian Doctor & Country Music......

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Let us Pray

Today is National Day of Prayer. The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance held on the first Thursday of May, inviting people of all faiths to pray for the nation. It was created in 1952 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman (Source: National Day of Prayer website).

Yesterday on the radio I heard that our President was not going to actually honor this day like the President before him. However, like some previous Presidents, he will be signing a proclamation. Say what you will about George W. Bush (who was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination), I'm inclined to believe history will brand him as one of our most moral God-fearing Presidents. Time will tell.

But what about you? Do you pray? When do you pray? Every hour? Every morning or night? Once a week at church? Or at meals? Or a family holiday meals like Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter? Or is this the one day a year you pray because someone reminded you or pulled you to a prayer meeting?

This annual day of national prayer is important and I encourage everyone to join together and add the 2009 Prayer to your daily prayers today. Add the military to your prayers. Add national, state, and local leaders to your prayers. Add your church leaders and family to your prayers. But more important than all that - pray just to recognize the God of the Universe for who He is....LORD.

I was reminded this morning of another, shockingly relevant prayer:

"O, Lord, the great and awesome God, who keeps his covenant of love with all who love him and obey his commands, we have sinned and done wrong. We have been wicked and have rebelled; we have turned away from your commands and laws. We have not listened to your servants the prophets, who spoke in your name to our kings, our princes and our fathers, and to all thepeople of the land. Lord, you are righteous, but this day we are covered with shame..."

This is the beginning of Daniel's prayer in Daniel Chapter 9. To read the rest of his prayer - go here. We should all be like Daniel and recognize our shame as a nation. And it's all our fault. Ours. But with submission to God through Jesus - transformation and TRUE change for the BEST can happen.

None of us are perfect. My prayer life is not at all what I want it to be - but it's up to me to change it. When I DO take the time to just be with God - it's incredible and I thirst for that.

Prayer is personal, prayer is powerful, prayer is necessary to a relationship with God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Spend time with the LORD GOD now.
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What I didn't miss out on....

Little Tommy Peake got baptized!!!!

It was such a bittersweet day. Exciting for Tomas William Peake to-be-sure. But for his dad, Bill, it was rough.

You see, as a dad, it is a high honor to be able to baptize your son. Unfortunately, the mom is not very understanding to this...not at all. Turns out, Tom got baptized by the preacher at Jill's church. Great! Tom's baptized. And we all hope that at 7 he understands and "gets it." And I have no doubt that he loves Jesus. But I also have a feeling he'll want to have a re-do later on.

But to watch Bill watch his son be baptized was heartbreaking. He's already missed so many everyday moments with Tom that it breaks his heart. And I can tell you from personal experience, not many dads are like Bill. But to look and watch Tom - he is an exact duplicate of his dad. And that makes me proud! And every time I say that outloud you should see Bill's chest puff out. He LOVES his son greatly. And who doesn't love this face!

Although, I have certainly learned my lesson on racing him in flip-flops!

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What I've been missing lately...

My mind mostly! Come on - if you didn't laugh a little, or relate a lot, you are still in search of your own.

Since I've been "down" in my back lately, which is such a weird way to look at it since I can't actually bend down, I've realized I've been missing out on a lot. Here's some of what I've been missing:

  • Satellite TV - used to have it at mom's....oh the joys of adulthood billing budget
  • Being outside - with the rain and my back, not much work is getting done on opening the pool
  • Old friends - just when I finally have time, I literally don't feel like going anywhere to see people. Thank God for facebook!
  • Friends in general - being single, living alone out in "God's Country," I don't get visitors. And since I'm not really the "popular girl" I don't get calls or emails much either...oh well....
  • Motivation - pain meds and muscle relaxers have a way of really making you feel lethargic
  • Passion - same as above plus some uknown confusion in my life
  • Self-confidence - that was low enough, but when you can't get off the couch without rolling off it, makes me feel like a sea cow in sludge
  • Dreams of youth - everything I thought I would be doing, I failed at in life. I realize God's got a much better plan for me, but I am still reconciling that with my own lost dreams
  • Ice cream - I'm REALLY trying to be good with what I'm eating, especially since I can't get exercise in, but I am seriously craving my favorite: Haagan Das' Bailey's Irish Cream Ice Cream, mmmmmmm
  • And yes, I miss Bill - he's been working nights the past couple of weeks, AND he's been feeling sickly too, so we don't get to see each other every day.
  • Church - I'm in limbo lately with church. With all that has transpired the past couple of years, I think I'm just burned-out with GCC, maybe with "church" in general. Don't get me wrong, I love the people - and miss all of them terribly. But I certainly DON'T MISS the political-ness of it. I DO miss serving and working in the church. But it's not worth the struggles if you don't work well with people. Guess I'm just not what some people want to be around, or considered to be "holy" enough to work, or they feel I'm not "called" to a certain work? Who knows. Who cares. Just miss it.

And there you have it. But anytime I feel like I'm missing something, I go to the one who fills the hole...Jesus. Only He can fill it, only He can complete me, only He can save me, only He can really love me the way I am. And He can fill your holes too.