Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Anthems

I'm a newbie to Mama's Losin' It, but I love her blog! And I thought I would, like Rebecca, take her prompt challenge. So here goes...

1.) What is your life's anthem? You know...that song that is ALWAYS in your head. The one you'd go to sing first if someone told you to sing a song right NOW. What is it and what does it mean to you?

There are so many songs that run through my head at any given moment. Because my life has so many twists and turns, the songs that are played in my head run like an old jukebox that belts out one song after another of different varieties with that silent pause to change the vinyl. Yes, vinyl.

For example, on any given morning I can wake up singing a worship song God's literally placed in my head. I really have woke myself up singing in my sleep. "Count Your Blessings," "Amazing Grace," "Just a Closer Walk With Thee," and "In The Garden" are some of favorite older hymns. Newer favorites are anything by Casting Crowns, "Heaven" - the Salvador version, or anything we sing regular at church services. Other times I can just have a thought about something, anything, and a matching song will go through my head. Any style too - Motown to Country to Worship to Southern Gospel to old Jazz. So it's always really hard to choose something right NOW to sing.

But as for my whole life's ANTHEM song. There would be two: "Lonely River" by Susan Ashton and "The Love of the Lord Endures" by Joy Williams. Both of these songs are heart-wrenching as well as comforting and motivating at the same time. They have messages that no matter how much life doesn't make sense and I feel alone, God does make sense and He is always with me no matter what. And He will be with me on this journey running the race to the finish!

Lonely River lyrics(Wayne Kirkpatrick, Michael W. Smith)
Lonely river
You meander like a road
Stretching out into the great unknown
With solitary movement
You're compelled and you're enthralled
As though you're answering a distant call
Lonely river
Is there a place you're running to
Or is it something that you're running from
Is it hope that keeps you going
Is it faith that makes you strong
Lonely river, lonely river, running on
Lonely river
In the stillness of the night
Your restless nature keeps you raging on
Changing courses
Shallow waters, tangent streams
Lonely river, do you wonder what it means
Lonely river
I think I am a lot like you
Winding on in hopes to find the sea
And flooded by uncertainties
The current can be strong
But drifting towards our destinies
The arm of God is long
And I believe that through this journey
'Til we're finally home
Lonely river, we will never, run alone

The Love of the Lord Endures...

Now, for this one! 5.) List ten things that make you HAPPY.

1. Jesus. Because He's the answer for everything (right, Erica :-) )

2. Bill. He just knows how to make me laugh and he's such a good man!

3. Driving down an unexplored country road with the windows open and music blaring and sun shining

4. Spending time in my pool! It's almost full and ready to jump into (thanks, Bill!!!)
5. Springtime - seeing God's creation come to life in full color is just awesome. And this year I've been able to pick-up momentum on a favorite activity - photography.

6. Music - anything that fits my mood. A couple that will guarantee a good mood for me: "Perfect Isn't Easy," from Oliver & Company, and "I Love Ya Honey," by Patsy Cline. Two perfectly shallow songs, but oh-so-fun to sing along with!

7. Food. I admit it, I'm an addict! I've gotten a lot better over time, yes, I'm an emotional eater. Also, I don't really take time to cook healthy meals when it's just me. But when I give myself the time to really cook or go out to eat something I really enjoy, it's so nice! I have favorites of course: pizza (any kind just about), Hagaan Daz Bailey's Irish Cream Ice Cream (haven't had this in months!), fresh fruit - honeydew, red or black grapes, strawberries...mmmmm, and Bill's hot wings - oh man those'll burn ya! But it's worth it!

8. Cartoons, Comics & Disney. These all have to be wrapped-up together. Wonder Woman being my favorite. I have an almost complete collection of her comics and 2 shelves full of "stuff." I grew up with cartoons being my family since I was an only child and a latchkey kid to-boot. They have always been there for me and I still remember the phrase after a lesson, "and now I know...and knowing is half the battle," spoke at the end of each GI Joe cartoon. There was always a clear line between good & evil and good always won (wonder where they got that idea). And going to Disney World is my favorite form of refreshing! It's one of my favorite places in the world to escape to. I'd love to take Tom & Bill this fall - taking donations for that :-).

9. Getting projects done. It feels good to have a sense of accomplishment. The Italy video project comes to mind.

10. Knowing this life is just temporary. There's more exciting things to come!


Rebecca Jo said...

Aren't Mama's prompts great! you'll have to check them out every Wednesday!

I LOVE that line from the GI Joe... wow!!!