Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Boy & His Dad - and 2 bikes!

It was a pretty great weekend. It was Tom's weekend - and Bill's! With the extended weekend, the guys got over 4 days together. And being with a 7 year-old for 4 whole days! Bill did not get much sleep. And it was great for both of them to be active as much as possible.

We got to see the movie, "Night at the Smithsonian" Sunday afternoon. Well, there's a small arcade area that we just HAVE to play a few games before we leave a movie. Tom's obviously pretty good at video games (hello - he's 7), but he's still got some work to do on doing all the stuff on the driving games at once. So Bill runs the gears while Tom drives.

But the best fun came while watching them play air hockey. I wasn't sure how this would go, Bill was pretty nonchalant at first to give Tom a shot at it of course. But when Tom outscored his dad at one point (see the look on this kid's face!), all bets were off! I think they called it a tie when they were done ;-).

I just can't express how cool it is to get to be a part of it all some weekends. And Bill loves his son beyond words, which is priceless nowadays.

And for the bikes? Remember that yard sale I mentioned in a previous posting? I just couldn't resist stopping to look. And I did it - I purchased two older style bikes. With a little wire brushing to remove some rust and some spray painting, along with new cables and seat, they'll be like new! Nice summer project. You might see me at Buffalo Trace toolin' around on my bike. I wonder if I can make a basket for the front of one?


Rebecca Jo said...

They took Dance Dance Revolution away from there... I was SOOO mad! Ricky was relieved! :)

Cant wait to see the bikes finished! You totally have to get a bell to put on there too!