Saturday, May 23, 2009

Art Show WINNER!

One of girls in GCC youth took part in her school's Visual Arts Art Show last night. It's amazing the talent that God just pours out. And I was so proud of Chayla - she got Best of Show for one of her drawings!

It was fabulous, and she is loaded with talent. Cindy and I just kept telling her she has to do something for us sometime! I'm including the rest of her entries here too. The black & white self-portrait I watched her work on...the nose frustrated her to no end! My nose frustrates me too, just in a total different snotty way! If you click on a picture it'll come up bigger. Enjoy!


Lynn said...

Carly and I headed over for her awards at FC... she has some kind of talent, doesn't she?! I was so proud of her too!!!!

Joe said...


I seen a couple of her random sketches in the past but had no clue about these masterpieces!

She is so talented!!