Friday, May 8, 2009

Spines, Dr., & Country Music

Well, my spine is all good. No bad disks, no pinched nerve, just some pulled ligaments and muscles. And to heal-up it requires bed-rest - 2 weeks worth! Ugh. But at least it's not surgery.

But I just had to post a couple of thoughts I had this morning.

  1. 1. My x-ray was really cool! I have a healthy spine, which is really good news. The funny part was you could see the buttons and zipper from my pants as well as the metal hooks in my bra. I almost asked out loud "what are those loopy things up there?" Duh...
  2. The doctor's office was very basic in the classic dull gray color. The nurses were all nice, and country music filled the air. I guess to make up for the gray color. Bill was about to die from both. So then I get called back to see the Dr. He's Indian - from India - no real surprise there. However, what I found so funny? Let me just say.....Indian Doctor & Country Music......