Wednesday, June 30, 2010 2 comments

Oh Yeah, The View!

I showed you what my retreat looked like in my previous post, but I forgot to show off the view! This is where I start my days. Just me & God. And the robin that likes to perch on the fencepost and "talk" to me. And the hummingbirds chasing each other overhead. And the rabbits that scurry along the fenceline.

Monday, June 28, 2010 4 comments

My Retreat!

I blogged in April about my yard transformations. Well, my retreat unveil is here!
The old ...

The new!

Now all I have left to do is clean-up and finish the new swing seat cover :-). Always a project waiting to be done.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 1 comments

A Glutton

The hummingbirds have been back since Derby weekend. Their regular time of year to come home. And the babies have all hatched and grown too...there's at least seven little motors flying around the feeders. They're so used to me just being out there they'll fly right up to my face to let me know their juice is low (or even my office window if I'm not outside). So I stood out around the feeder to get a decent picture of one of my "little men." The hummingbirds go through more sugar in a summer than I personally go through in a whole year. It's ridiculous, but they LOVE it! And they have a "squatter" that refuses to leave the bar...
This little bee keeps his head stuck in the holes to get all the juice he can. He hops from hole to hole, and the hummingbirds just hop over top of him to another hole. The only time he steps away from "the bar" is when a wasp wants in on the goods. He actually flew right up beside me as if I was the bouncer to get the wasp out of the way. So I've affectionately named him "glutton."

It's not like I don't have plenty of flowers around for him to get nectar from. How do you get bee to do what he's supposed to do naturally? Guess he fits in around here with the cat who doesn't kill mice. Maybe he's thinking "work smarter, not harder." Seems to be working well for him.
Friday, June 11, 2010 1 comments

Fragments galore!

} It's Friday, right? Time to get my fragment on!

} Spent last weekend in Denver with my iPEC peeps. "What is iPEC?," you might ask. Well, it's the training program for my Life Coaching certification. This life coaching journey is a whole posting in-and-of-itself, so the short of it is that now that I've figured out I've been doing it my whole life, I decided to get official certification. This process is intense! Talk about personal development. And the things you get to overcome while in that safe place is amazing. I go into those intensive weekends thinking I'm going to just learn some more processes about how to help people get to breakthrough levels in their lives never dreaming that I'm reaching mine in the process! Awesomely amazing stuff going on.

} My precious cats, right? Remember that post about my cat in comparison to the "garden goddess?" Well, he finally killed the mouse - by default. He apparently chased it into an area it couldn't get out of, like stuck between two wall pictures I have stored behind my bedroom door. It took a few whiffs and strategic searching, but finally found the dead mouse in those pictures. Gross. All I can say about it.

} I'm going to Romania! Not by myself, but with a group that will be doing ministry work in teh village of Tinca, Romania. There's a ministry there, Forget-Me-Not Ministries, that is the hands and feet of Jesus to the forgotten Gypsy families in Tinca. It's a new part of the world for me, but the mission is the same - go love on people showing them the light of Christ in a dark world. Rachel and Dave, ministry partners, have started the Isaiah Center to take care of local children who's families cannot manage well without that support. Awesome ministry to partner with this year! But I have to tell you, I can't wait to schedule my next trip to the Philippines to see all my friends, brothers & sisters-in Christ there. Miss them greatly and emails just don't do the same.

} Summer's so close I can feel it...on my skin, in my sinuses, calf muscles, body's really letting me know it's time to get active and used to the sun! The yardwork is paying off. At an 80% done mark for my retreat. So I'm saving that for a full post. :-) The garden's coming in nicely, flowers are getting planted and continue to bloom, it's just so beautiful!

} Starting a business is rewarding. I'm nervously excited to see who God's going to bring across my path. I'm very open to doing complimentary sessions (so let me know if you want to join in the fun!). I've put together a variety of workshops and possible retreat ideas. I'm hoping to get a chance to work with some corporations as well. I love the variety it offers. I'll be doing some public speaking in the next couple of months as well. Right now in the process of putting together all kinds of goodies to offer people to keep themselves on track in their personal growth. I love this life! Now I just need my bank account to fill to overflowing :-).

Love these Friday Fragments! For more - go see
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010 1 comments

My real name is Beauregard

Hi. My name's Beauregard, but my lady calls me 'blue boy'. Today was a big day for both me and my lady, I reached 300,000 miles. This is me and where I hit the 300,000 mark...

This is where we were headed...home from selling flowers in town. Well, she sold flowers, I got to rest and car-watch. She and I have been through a lot. She got me when I only had 35 miles and there was 4 inches of snow on the ground. We had fun 4-wheeling on the test-run. That's when she knew I was the one. She actually tells people I was a gift from God...that, and that I'm the most dependable man in her life. Well, close second to Jesus anyway.

We work a lot. I can't tell you how much stuff has been loaded in my cab and in my bed...

And there's still work to be done...

But I enjoy being the one my lady chooses to go places with. I'm grateful I get to take her places she enjoys going - and we get there in a "timely" fashion. We've been all over, North Carolina to New York, Missouri to Mississippi, and Tennessee lots. I enjoy a good run, that's for sure. When her friend drives me, it's a slower pace. And that's good too - nice to see all that's around until a deer comes out of nowhere. We've had our fair share of mishaps and sprains, and I'm starting to feel my age a bit, but my lady takes care of me. And I'll continue to take care of her. Can't wait to see another 300,000 miles!