Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Garden Goddess

This is Zoe, the new addition to the greenhouse family and who I've affectionately dubbed, Garden Goddess.
She just showed up at the greenhouse one day so the guys adopted her. Even took her to the vet to get "fixed" and a check-up. She's such a friendly girl, although not a huge fan of the dog, Barney, who is very jealous of any attention Zoe gets.

Zoe is a natural hunter. Before the arbor grew and started blooming out, Zoe found her way up there to lay in wait for the sparrows. She did great getting up there, not so hot getting down. She's shown her love for the greenhouse owners by bringing them dead things already. I found a mouse one day, then a mole another. When I discovered that, Steve and I hi-fived! She's a moler! That's an asset!

On the flip side is my boy...he's border-line special needs. Either that, or a pacifist. He's "caught" a mouse three times now. And each time he just plays with them and let's them go. Bugs? He'll kill and eat those. But how can you resist this face when he's looking to be loved-on?