Friday, May 14, 2010

Fragmented Life!

} Still busy. But I have a strategic summer plan now. May is my "Motion" month, June "Momentum," and July "Maintain." I will be focusing heavily on my life coach/freelancing business in June. I'm finishing work with the auction company this month. Turns out that I have been spending over 20 hours per week BEFORE an auction on auction work. And no, it's not the kind of money to be an actual income.

} And in May there are some projects I want ot get done so I can enjoy the summer: pool, retreat area, some sewing projects, and some inside projects. Like my computer table. My office is a hodge-podge of different furniture of different colors. It works though. However, my computer table used to be an outside patio table. I had painted it with outdoor paint and stenciled butterflies and dragonflies on it - in pretty colors. But this has totally clashed with by blue & red office. So I FINALLY got it outside, sanded it down, and repainted it a chiffon color (white w/touch of yellow). Very grown-up looking now. I should add the golden lasso maybe to match the room now. Don't really NEED to grow up in every area.

} Still helping out at the greenhouse. Love it - wish I had my own small greenhouse to at least start my plants every spring as well as grow all kinds of fancy stuff! This cactus is housed at the greenhouse. Not sure which cactus it is - but these blooms are fantastic. They only last a couple of days though. So glad I got this shot.

} My own yard is a late bloomer. Always has been. But I love it. I planted a couple of poppies last year and prayed they wouldn't get weedeated. Whaddya' know - they made it! And they're gorgeous.

} Then there was a couple other yard projects - the walkway and mailbox areas. My walkway has grown into a mismash of different hosta varieties and boxwoods. And it's not symmetrical - not pretty. So I moved a bunch of it around and invested in a couple varieties of columbine. Beautiful dainty bloomed shade plant. Then moved some hostas to the mailbox area. I have 10 varieties of hostas in my yard. Each one blooms differently. Talk about God's creativity. It's in action all over the place. I'll have enough hosta growth to separate and share next year!

} And then there's the KIA room. I'll have to get pictures of the latest. Next month I want it to be even cooler. Although, having it look like Hawaii in there makes me want to get my pool open even faster.

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Rebecca Jo said...

aahh - look at your poppy... beautiful!

Beth said...

That makes a pretty desk! Love your flowers too! :)

Doreen McGettigan said...

Your blog is beautiful! Happy Friday!

mimbles said...

Those cactus flowers are gorgeous!

Mrs4444 said...

I admire your adventurous, brave gardening attitude; it's inspiring :)

Girl, we have got to get you a blog button! I'm having a giveaway on Monday, and the way to enter is to click on a button (meet a new friend). I don't have a button for you! I did make one today with your poppy pic (and linked up your fragments :) and will send the pic/button to you for future FF link-ups, but a special button for your blog would be nice. Maybe you have someone you know who could help? (I would offer, but I just don't have the time until summer.)

Doreen McGettigan said...

Beautiful flowers! Good luck with your summer plans and have a positive week..