Monday, March 25, 2013 0 comments

On A Mini Not-Quite-But-Close-Enough Vacation

This week I am house-sitting for a friend.  They have a log home just like you would find in the Smokies.  It's off the beaten path, quiet, and of course surrounded by trees.  It's very peaceful.  Just the change of environment I've needed.

I've been itching for a vacation for a few years now.  This is not a real vacation, but moments feel like a mini-vacation.  She's also hired me to organize their garage.  I've hung pegboard, cleaned up trash, gone through boxes, and put things in a usable order for their lifestyle.  There are teenagers involved.  I've built in the "throw crap here" box by the door.  Saturday's cooperative Spring weather was perfect to get most of it done.  Now I just have to put all the tools on the wall and hang the wire shelving.

And, I have companionship.  This is Ruby.  She's under 2 years old.  She's a lab and basset mix!  And she is such a good girl.  So I've taken the liberty of spoiling her a little more.  Right now, all my work is spread out, Ruby laying on the couch only to jump up barking to let me know the neighbors are passing by. I have cartoons on the TV and dinner ready.  A different pace than I normally keep.  That's why it feels like a mini-vacation.

But I am SO READY for a real one.  A vacation that is so impactful that I come back feeling like the Wonder Woman I know is in me somewhere.  Any good ideas for a vacation on a micro-budget?