Tuesday, October 20, 2009 1 comments

No Exceptions

I was waiting to get the gray taken out of my hair when I looked over at the magazine rack and saw this intriguing little book - The exception to the Ten Commandments. I was curious to see what someone thought would be an exception to the Ten Commandments and this is what I saw...

I laughed out loud!

Sunday, October 18, 2009 1 comments

God is Great, (Root) Beer is good, and People are Crazy...

That's how the lyrics go to the country song anyway. And you know what - it's true! I've seen it for myself today - all day long it seems like. The people who run stop signs to get in front of you (and you're the ONLY car coming), that's bad enough on the way to a church service. We went to church this morning already rebuking Satan for trying to get on our nerves.

Then at Tom's football game there was a domestic dispute going on behind us between a mom and the stepmom. Needless to say there were plenty of expletives being thrown around. The school-teacher-mom-of-a-Steeler in front of me turned on a dime and started yelling at the two of them to take that trash language off our field. Did they listen? Nope. They continued on for another few minutes till the husband finally got involved to take the stepmom home I guess.

The bummer of the day is that the Steelers lost their game to the Bears. BUT....I know see why parents can get so wrapped-up in these games. Those little guys look so professional at this point in the season. They've learned the form, rules, strategies, and teamwork - they look like they know what they're doing! And it gets exciting. They all did so well! There's always next year.

So then Bill and I go get the elements for him to make us some chili and head home. I still needed to go to my mom's to get good drinking water (I have the hardest water in the whole area so I don't drink the tap). On the way to mom's I pull up to this crazy sight: this mostly naked guy (had on his undies) in the middle of the road, his clothes scattered all over the road, yelling at the four fully clothed guys in the yard. He had a bloody nose and was completely oblivious to the truck coming at him (that'd be me). I pull up and roll down my window, one of the clothed guys comes over and I ask if it's okay to go around him and he asks me to call the police because the guy (no clothes, bloody nose, in the road), is threatening their lives. O...k....

After I refuse the naked guy's request for a "lift," I proceed to mom's and call the sheriff's office. I said, "I live 'out here' and there's this guy...," "And he's naked?" "I take it I'm not the first to call!" We laughed a bit and she assured me help was on the way. Crazy - and sad at the same time.

And do you see these pictures? This is my big ol' maple tree. It's an over-achiever this year!

Saturday, October 17, 2009 3 comments

Six Word Saturday

Freezing Butts On The Road Again...

It still surprises me how little time I have to blog since I've been "off-work." We've been running all over the place trying to get stuff done, and church-stuff, and of course, Tom's flag football practices & games.

Today started PLAYOFFS! No surprise - Tom's team, the Steelers, won! But we all were so unprepared for the weather! It was freezing - literally. I don't think any of us had enough layers on. It wouldn't have been quite so bad if it hadn't been for the wind. I'm just now thawing out hours later. But it was worth it! Tom's 8th birthday was yesterday, win today, another game tomorrow after church & a meeting. I'm confident they'll win tomorrow and that means the final game next week. And from now on I'm taking blankets, coats, heaters, mittens, whatever will keep me warm!

So I guess tomorrow's blog header might read: Butt thawed yesterday, freezing again today. Oh well, still worth it!
Friday, October 16, 2009 2 comments

Friday fragments

} So I'm late on writing tonight...it's barely still Friday!

} My planner is back in order - I'm up to color-coding with seven, yes count 'em, 7 colors. A different color for different categories of course. Does that mean I'm busy - yep. Getting myself back to being the me I know me to be!
} Got confirmation for starting my own business this week - one job to submit a proposal for and another to give a scope of work. And this is from simple word-of-mouth. Always ready for more business! I'd love to do a video project for someone for Christmas - those are my favorites.

} One of my churches, Greenville Christian Church, is 176 years old this year. In 1983 some members created a time capsule which we will be opening Sunday night, November 8 in a big celebration concert. All kinds of stuff will be going on that night. And since the capsule was done in the 80's - it's only appropriate to have an 80s theme in there somewhere! Still got LOTS of work to do on this, but going through the history of this church is amazing. See these faces to the right? These kids would be our "seasoned saints" today. I just wish I had names to go with these faces!

} Ok, I couldn't resist joining in the book fun! I signed-up to be a reviewer like Rebecca and Joe! I started my first book today, Max Lucado's "Fearless." I need to come up with a rating system like Rebecca has - that's cool...

} I'm missed at my old job. My friend, Sheree, and I had lunch this week. She's such an encourager anyway, but she did make me feel better about my role at my previous workplace. Just felt a little lighter this week :-) .

Have a great weekend y'all! Try to stay dry!

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Or even Sara's Friday Freewrite:

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Is it Prideful to Desire Greatness?

Is it Prideful to Desire Greatness?

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Monday Madness!

I have to tell you, the more I get into doing this business plan, the more excited I get about starting a new business! I know it's going to be rough to start - all new businesses are - but still, the benefits of being on my own will be priceless.

This new business idea is kinda crazy, really. How do I target a network of specialists (handymen, house cleaners, strategic planners, video producers, bookkeepers, knitters, jewelry makers, organizers, etc., etc., etc.) to a specific target? I can't easily. So the business itself will be marketed in three parts: Home, Business, and Life.

Factotum by definition means "jack-of-all-trades," which is who I am personally. So why not build on that? With this kind of business, I will be able to connect people to others, which energizes me. Not only can it help meet needs, but make connections with those "specialists" that love what they do (and are good at it!) and build lasting relationships.

I'm still working out the business plan, but basically Factotum Home would provide services for your home inside & out like electrical, lighting design, general handyman, landscaping, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, yard work/clean-up, house cleaning with steam, and home organizing. Factotum Business can focus on your small business needs like secretarial, bookkeeping, copywriting, graphic design, marketing, event planning, and strategic planning to name a few. And Factotum Life is where it gets FUN! Do you want to learn how to crochet or knit? Need a video of home movies and pictures for a gift to others or yourself? Want to start scrapbooking but don't know where to begin? We have specialists that are willing to meet with you on a one-to-one basis to get you started or take you to the next level.

So that's the overall gist of it. And marketing? When someone comes to Factotum for housecleaning services and learns they can get a video done as well...well, then the concept is working.
Saturday, October 10, 2009 3 comments

Six Word Saturday

Losing Sight Because He's Too Focused

So I'm jumping on the Six Word Saturday bandwagon this week! I couldn't resist...

Do you see this handsome dog to the right? Well, I have a story to tell that I'm sure we can all relate to.

Needless to say, I woke up irritated this morning. I even started the day with reading the Bible, praying for peace...anything to help - and help did not seem to come. So I went ahead and started the rest of the day to get as much as possible done before leaving for Tom's football afternoon. I went to mom's early to pick-up a couple of elephant ears to bring in for the cold seasons. As I drove down her driveway, I see this sweet boy, Preacher, digging in the field - after a mole I'm sure. He's looks up, with his mud & dirt covered face that left no room for white fur anywhere, and acknowledges my arrival with a wagging of the tail and raised ears. But that acknowledgement would have to do since he was not leaving his digging - he might miss catching the mole!

After visiting and venting to mom about the world and its ways, we put the plants in the back of the truck and look up in the field where Preacher is still digging and has added howling to the activity. Apparently, he's not got the mole out of the 6 foot ditch he's dug. Then all of a sudden, this deer comes out of the treeline into Preacher's field. This beautiful young buck is just prancing across the field in his best "tra-la-la, la-la" impression. Does Preacher notice? Nope. He's way too focused and concerned about digging out the mole.

Needless to say, mom & I laughed so hard and my whole mood changed. I realized I had been too focused on what was irritating me. There's too much other great things going on that I miss out on because I get too focused on the negative. And you know what? The mole wasn't even still in there! The problem that I thought I was seeing had gone away - wasn't really there anymore. And I missed out on the great moments happening all around me.

Deep for a Saturday morning? Not near as deep as that hole Preacher is still digging!

Grace & peace to y'all!
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Wooo-hooo! Ok, so for the first time in months I am honestly excited about something. This new business idea is starting to really fire me up.

I went with a friend to a Career Networking Event at Southeast Christian Church today. It was great and sad at the same time. There were over 200 people at this event. Which means, everyone that was there has either been laid-off/let-go, or is looking for a new job from their old one they have begun to hate. A statistic was given that over 80% of people work at jobs that do not utilize even a small portion of their talents (of which I was the poster-child!). And just as many work at jobs they hate just to earn money.

What would happen if people were able to enjoy their work and really feel like they are using their talents? How would you feel hiring someone for your project (household-inside or out-personal or small business), that truly loves what they do? Do you think their level of excellence would be higher? If you were hired to do a project that involves what you love to do - wouldn't you jump in with excitement?

"Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What's a sundial in the shade?"-- Benjamin Franklin

I have so much to prepare for - off to work!


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Life is...full of decisions

So when you are faced with multiple windows - do you open one at a time or all at once? What kind of breeze do you get? What about the view? Do you close 'em the instant a storm hits? How do you know which window to open? What is the deciding factor?

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
6 in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.
7 Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil.

That's what I'm doing right now. There's a lot of opportunities of projects to work on - I just don't know where to start sometimes! But one decision I've made lately is to start my own business. I have a business concept, name, and logo idea. I am continuing to work out the details, but we are ready to get started! Factotum (definiton is "jack of all trades") will be a business that is a network of independent contractors that can do just about anything you need done.

For example, I can do great video work. So if you wanted to turn your home movies into a professionally edited dvd, you could call Factotum and I would do the work. If you have cleaning needs (business or home) call Factotum and I have a contractor that can do it. If you need extra office work: bookkeeping, typing, presentation design, etc., call Factotum and we can get it done. And so on and so on. That's why I'm working out the details.

So please, spread the word and put this on your prayer lists! And I'll keep you posted!