Wednesday, July 31, 2013 0 comments

Buyer Beware...Don't Pay That "Invoice"

I received this in the mail yesterday...

Looks like an invoice, right?  It's not.  It's an advertisement for a website listing service that puts your website listing on search engines.

 This kind of manipulative schiestering really makes me mad.  I see this kind of stuff in advertising all the time.  It's playing to people's brain sections that is labeled "naive" or "clueless."  This kind of advertising is just plain manipulative, lazy, and non-trustworthy.  Manipulative because  it just is.  Lazy because there's no room for interaction except "give me your check."  Non-trustworthy because there's no evidence they would even do what the "invoice" suggests I would be paying for.  Where's the testimonials?  Where's the case studies?  Where's the proof?  Where's the credibility I could trust them to do the job?

The flip side?  It's genius for the bottom-line in revenue.  It DOES play to most people's natural tendency to put the invoice in their file to be paid without a second guess as to what it is.  When you do take the time to read the whole thing you'll see it does state "This is not a bill.  This is a solicitation..."  But my first response upon opening was, "What do I owe now?"  Thank goodness I'm in a place in my life where I scrutinize every piece of paper that looks like there's money involved.  I don't know about you, but I don't have enough money to just throw it to the wind.

Why am I writing this posting?  One, to vent.  Another to caution you to read everything before committing to something that would just be a money-sucker.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013 0 comments

Words Are Like Glue

I'm watching a Joel Osteen message this morning.  He's talking about expressing love to your spouse/family/significant people DAILY.  The words we use are like glue - it sticks.  I talk about this in our Arkham Executive training, Messaging By The First Power.  All the messages we receive are an element to our "WHO" - the who we are.

Admit it, you like to hear good things about you from your spouse.  It's like cold clear water on a hot day when a wife hears, "Honey, you're beautiful."  When a husband hears, "I'm proud of you," it fuels his tank to keep going.

Women - don't withhold the blessing of good words to life up your man! Tell him you are proud of him, that he's handsome, that you appreciate and love him.  He NEEDS it!

Men - be intentional with your wife!  Tell her daily how beautiful she is to you, how much she is worth to you, how you admire her.  She NEEDS it!

Being intentionally positive with your words to each other can transform your marriage.  Be consistent.  Daily.  You will be surprised to find even more treasure in each other.

Why am I sharing these thoughts?  Because I LOVE to hear the good things.  I don't have a husband or even a boyfriend, so when I get that from people who aren't in my inner circle, I try to cling to it as long as possible. I don't hear it on a daily basis unless I tell myself. And the cats aren't much help.  I have seen many relationships fall apart because of lack of good communication.  I don't want that for you.  Be intentionally positive and daily with your words.  It takes practice.  NOW is the best time to start.  Go.  Tell your wife how beautiful and valuable she is.  Go.  Tell your husband how amazing and handsome he is.  Go. Glue some glitter into your words!