Saturday, August 20, 2016 0 comments

Story of the Week

No, it's not about the award I won, or the two new clients I signed on, or even the fact that the guy I've been dating still thinks I'm adorable.  THIS story came from a wonderful client at the salon that made me tear up and have a sense of hope in true love.

The client, we'll call her Ruby, and her husband have been married for 46 years.  She was recently home with a hurt back - which she has dealt with since youth - and watching The Newlywed Game.  She decided to write down some of the questions to ask her husband when he got home, knowing they SHOULD know each other with ease.

Her husband comes home, and she asks the first question, "If you could give the gift of a body makeover for your spouse, which part of the body would you have redone?"

Ruby told him, "I picked your belly.  You have gained a little weight and I know you don't like having the belly.  So I would want you to have less of it again."  Then she asked him, "What would YOU choose?"  His response, "Honey, that's easy.  Your back.  You've been in such pain for years, I would want you to be pain free again."

THAT my real love.  Ruby even teared up telling me the story because she knew how much she was loved by that man and how awesome he was for her.  And THAT is the hope I have for a relationship.