Tuesday, October 29, 2013 0 comments

Just Out Of Reach

     Earlier tonight I started my annual routine of bringing out the winter clothes.  I was pleasantly surprised to find some really nice slacks someone had given me.  The style and material was designer-level.  Dry-clean only fancy pants.  The ironed crease was still in perfect placement down the front of the legs.  Very sharp slacks.  At the time I received them, I wasn't able to get them over my thighs, but how could I possibly get rid of them?!  Luckily, it was time to rotate seasonal attire, so in the tub they went to be found again tonight.

     I tried them on.  They fit over my thighs!  My butt even!  They looked fabulous, slimming even.  Awesome for a someone like me who's very conscious of her size.  I like my clothes to flatter and strengthen my attributes.  These slacks were looking like they had potential.  One final step...the button.  And that's when I felt like this...

     I couldn't even get the two ends to meet!  How in the hell does that happen?  The rest of the slacks are PERFECT!  And it hit me.  This was a great illustration of the rest of my life right now. I had to rush downstairs in the slacks, with a t-shirt to cover the lack of connectivity, to share with my roommate, Kim.  I asked her, "How do you like my slacks?"  "Those are really nice, you look good," was her reply.  I followed with, "You know how my life has been frustrating lately?  Well, these slacks look and feel great, but here's the kicker."  I lifted my shirt to show the open space showing my skivvies and she said it well, "That does suck.  It's just out of reach."
    I am in a season of my where there is a LOT going on, which is fabulous.  Hope it stays that way.  The frustrating part, it that there is still so much that is just out of reach.  Honestly, it's all part of the process in accomplishing big things.  I have a business (along with my business partner) that will be going national, but we need to test out a few things in this market first.  I have a book that is getting ready to be released as a revised edition, but it won't be ready for another month or two - and I need to take some to a conference this weekend.  We're coordinating a big business event for February, but I need sponsors and speakers first. We are going to be offering online trainings, but the videographer needs to be scheduled.  And on and on and on.

    I LOVE what I do, and I LOVE getting through all I need to for learning and growing.  But those moments when it hits me that it's just out of reach is a test of how I will respond.  How I respond to those slacks will be my secret. Because I would HATE for anyone to know that I just might find a long bulky sweater to cover up the gap.  I would never do that...although I've HAD to when a zipper broke.  Thus, the recycled designer slacks from a friend.  Beside the point.  The point?  Keep reaching.  That's active.  And I will keep reaching to accomplish all God has planned for me to do.