Saturday, April 19, 2014 0 comments

The Day In-Between

     It's Saturday - the day in-between.  The day in-between the day we recognize as the day Jesus was crucified, and the day He rose again.  It's the day in-between.  

     What are you doing today?  You may be mowing the yard, enjoying a parade, hunting for eggs, or just enjoying a beautiful sun-filled day.  

     I have been re-arranging my office work area to be better productive.  I will be cleaning, planning, catching up on work, the normal stuff.  In the middle of scrolling my facebook feed, it hit me.  It's the day in-between.  I was sharing a "Happy Easter" greeting with people all day yesterday as is customary for a weekend holiday.  But it HIT me...what was Saturday like for those closest to Jesus?  For Peter who denied Him, His mother who KNEW He was the Son of God, for the Marys who found in Jesus a man who showed them respect and decency.  What was the day in-between like for them?  Hiding from authorities.  Fearing for their future.  Mourning their friend.  A little disillusioned that the one they put their belief in, was now dead.  What was that day in-between like for them?

How can we, now, remember the importance and weight of what happened so long ago?  How can we, now, make it relevant in our own lives.  I found this video again.  One of my favorites.  I hope it gets you fired up to feel what the day in-between can be for us NOW.  


     Short answer is we, NOW, can have HOPE.  There are many out there, you may be one today, that is hurting and feeling like there is no solution to what you're going through.  But there's hope.  Each new day that begins, begins with hope - if you are open to it.  So this Easter, I pray the God of hope fills you to overflowing, so you can share hope with others. Peace & grace y'all.