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The Internet Is A Tempting Arena to "Spill It."

Ok.  Here's the situation in a no-detail nutshell.  I have SOMEONE who has made a request of me that I feel is completely uncalled for and none of their business.  This request was to take down one of my videos about a dog and his first fireworks.  Who could possibly want to deny the world the pleasure of watching a dog share his excitement about his first fireworks.  The video was completely about the DOG and HIS FIRST FIREWORKS - NOTHING to do with any ancillary people that happened to be in the video.  I LOVE this video - it's MINE.  It's purely entertaining because of the DOG. Hopefully, that's been clarified.


This is the part where it is so tempting to "spill it" on the internet.  Of course there's a backstory to this video request.  One I won't be sharing here simply because this whole thing is ridiculous and really does NOT INVOLVE ME.  But because I've received this request - along with a litany of other pointless syllables - it is really tempting to just tell the whole world how I feel about it.  And the internet provides the perfect venue.  But that would not be the wise thing to do.  Oh, there will be follow-up, but offline and in my usual way. 

What is a wise response when emotions run high?  What about when someone just simply offends you because of their views?  Do you ignore it?  Do you put a nasty comment on their status?  Do you message a litany of useless syllables hoping to gain a response in your favor? 

Why am I writing all this anyway?  Well, first to use the platform to make it clear that what I post is MINE and not meant to cause harm but enrichment to others' lives.  If it has offended - sorry, but I'm not retracting.  Second, to gently remind us all to take a pause before reacting online.  Breathe, think it through, then respond if necessary.  You may find that it's not necessary to jump into someone else's "drama party."
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Mobile Lifestyle = Plans For The Future

No, that's not my cat.  However, that's exactly what my cat does on a regular basis nowadays.  See, I'm living a pretty mobile life lately.  My house is up for sale (check it out here & pass the word), and I am trying to transition to my friends' house.  Part of a master plan. In the meantime, I am using my suitcase a lot.  I already pack up my office every day to go out and make a difference. I have LOTS of tote bags and big purses that hold my laptop and notepads. 

During this transition, I am internet-challenged.  It's not set-up at home.  So I try to utilize all the wi-fi spots I can, and there are BUNCHES available.  Everything I do has to be done two ways: paper AND digital.  I use Google stuff, so it syncs with my phone.  And I double it on paper so if I can't get internet usage for a couple of days, I revert to paper, then update the digital. Redundant, maybe; stressful, definitely.  I'm just trying to make sure I don't miss anything.

Yesterday I had that magical hour open to sit on the swing and converse with God for a bit.  It was so refreshing to just sit and "be" with God.  I take full advantage of having God's ear and simply lay my heart out there.  I am pretty blunt and totally honest, helps to hear from Him in a genuine way.

So when I laid it out that I was feeling a little overwhelmed trying to deal with this "in-limbo" mobile state and actually be productive with my businesses, I received some interesting insight.  Think about it.  I know how to do business (2 of them) effectively from anywhere.  I know how to manage life from a suitcase.  I can adapt to different surroundings.  More consistent travel is in my future.  Arkham Executive is going national within five years!  And my Premier Jewelry business won't be far behind. Woohooo!!!  Now to work out the flexible plan...
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I'm In The Summer Season

Spring has more than sprung around here - it pretty much feels like Summer out there today!  I did take advantage of it, all the windows open in the house, took a walk around the "lake," managed to NOT mow the yard - no gas for the push mower.  Now settling-in to THRIVE at GCC for the evening, checking my facebook updates and got this from one of our Premier Designs Jewelry Senior Leaders:

... From "An Enemy Called Average" by John Mason. By the way, go to Amazon and order the book. You will love it.

Here is what John says, "God is a God of seasons. 'To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven' Ecclesiastes 3:1. Distinctly different things happen in differe...
nt seasons. There is a wintertime in God. It is a season of preparation, revelation and direction. It is also the time when roots grow. God wants to establish the right foundation in you during this season. But there is no harvest right now.

There is springtime in God. It is a time of planting, hoeing, and nurturing. In other words, hard work. God wants you to work your plan. But there is no harvest in springtime.

There is summertime in God. Summer is a time of great growth. Now is the time when activity, interest and people begin to surround your God-given idea. For all the activity of summer, there is only a minimal harvest. But then comes autumn.

This is God's harvest time. It is during this season that the harvest is reaped in much greater proportion than the work, activity or idea expended. But most people never make it to the fall. Often, they end up quitting along the way because they don't know what season they are in.

When you understand that God is a God of seasons, it prepares you to do the right thing at the right time. It inspires you to persevere to the Fall. God's Word is true when it says, 'Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up' Gal. 6:9 NIV)."
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Getting More Done With FOCUS

Ok, ok...I haven't kept-up my personal blog very well lately. I have a few logistical challenges, but I have a way around those now. So here I am!

I wrote a posting for our Arkham Executive blog about calendar control (part one). This is something I have been a student of for more years than I care to admit.  There's always so much to fit into a day, like networking for business.

Yesterday was a great networking day.  Had a wonderful meeting in the morning over smoothies, then off to the Jtown Business Expo where I hung around the silent auction area guiding people to the things they really wanted to win.  I met a few new people, connected with others I knew, and caught up with those I hadn't seen in awhile.  For my business partner it was like coming home.  Then after that event, we still had No Rules Networking to host - during the March MADNESS.  Fox & Hound was PACKED with red, then blue depending on gametime.

Here's the kicker.  One businessman hovered around for a few minutes during the expo.  He waved, I smiled - then looked around cause I didn't think he was waving at me, I didn't recognize him.  Then he told he compatriot "I know that girl." I looked around again.  Nope, noone behind me.  "Hmmmmm, how does he know me?" I wondered.  Then he approached me, "Do you recognize me?"  "I'm assuming I should, help me remember from where."  So we started that timeline of events to see what matched up.  Turns out, we worked together 'back in the day' at WVEZ and WSFR radio in Louisville.  Roughly 19 years ago!!!!  Not exactly 20, no.  But close enough to make me feel old.

We'll be catching up over lunch sometime, and potentially doing business.  But that was a really cool moment to have someone recognize me and want to reconnect after so long.  It actually fed my ego a bit - I still look young  :-) .  And like sands in the hourglass...so are the days of our lives...(can you hear the music?)