Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting More Done With FOCUS

Ok, ok...I haven't kept-up my personal blog very well lately. I have a few logistical challenges, but I have a way around those now. So here I am!

I wrote a posting for our Arkham Executive blog about calendar control (part one). This is something I have been a student of for more years than I care to admit.  There's always so much to fit into a day, like networking for business.

Yesterday was a great networking day.  Had a wonderful meeting in the morning over smoothies, then off to the Jtown Business Expo where I hung around the silent auction area guiding people to the things they really wanted to win.  I met a few new people, connected with others I knew, and caught up with those I hadn't seen in awhile.  For my business partner it was like coming home.  Then after that event, we still had No Rules Networking to host - during the March MADNESS.  Fox & Hound was PACKED with red, then blue depending on gametime.

Here's the kicker.  One businessman hovered around for a few minutes during the expo.  He waved, I smiled - then looked around cause I didn't think he was waving at me, I didn't recognize him.  Then he told he compatriot "I know that girl." I looked around again.  Nope, noone behind me.  "Hmmmmm, how does he know me?" I wondered.  Then he approached me, "Do you recognize me?"  "I'm assuming I should, help me remember from where."  So we started that timeline of events to see what matched up.  Turns out, we worked together 'back in the day' at WVEZ and WSFR radio in Louisville.  Roughly 19 years ago!!!!  Not exactly 20, no.  But close enough to make me feel old.

We'll be catching up over lunch sometime, and potentially doing business.  But that was a really cool moment to have someone recognize me and want to reconnect after so long.  It actually fed my ego a bit - I still look young  :-) .  And like sands in the are the days of our lives...(can you hear the music?)