Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mobile Lifestyle = Plans For The Future

No, that's not my cat.  However, that's exactly what my cat does on a regular basis nowadays.  See, I'm living a pretty mobile life lately.  My house is up for sale (check it out here & pass the word), and I am trying to transition to my friends' house.  Part of a master plan. In the meantime, I am using my suitcase a lot.  I already pack up my office every day to go out and make a difference. I have LOTS of tote bags and big purses that hold my laptop and notepads. 

During this transition, I am internet-challenged.  It's not set-up at home.  So I try to utilize all the wi-fi spots I can, and there are BUNCHES available.  Everything I do has to be done two ways: paper AND digital.  I use Google stuff, so it syncs with my phone.  And I double it on paper so if I can't get internet usage for a couple of days, I revert to paper, then update the digital. Redundant, maybe; stressful, definitely.  I'm just trying to make sure I don't miss anything.

Yesterday I had that magical hour open to sit on the swing and converse with God for a bit.  It was so refreshing to just sit and "be" with God.  I take full advantage of having God's ear and simply lay my heart out there.  I am pretty blunt and totally honest, helps to hear from Him in a genuine way.

So when I laid it out that I was feeling a little overwhelmed trying to deal with this "in-limbo" mobile state and actually be productive with my businesses, I received some interesting insight.  Think about it.  I know how to do business (2 of them) effectively from anywhere.  I know how to manage life from a suitcase.  I can adapt to different surroundings.  More consistent travel is in my future.  Arkham Executive is going national within five years!  And my Premier Jewelry business won't be far behind. Woohooo!!!  Now to work out the flexible plan...