Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Internet Is A Tempting Arena to "Spill It."

Ok.  Here's the situation in a no-detail nutshell.  I have SOMEONE who has made a request of me that I feel is completely uncalled for and none of their business.  This request was to take down one of my videos about a dog and his first fireworks.  Who could possibly want to deny the world the pleasure of watching a dog share his excitement about his first fireworks.  The video was completely about the DOG and HIS FIRST FIREWORKS - NOTHING to do with any ancillary people that happened to be in the video.  I LOVE this video - it's MINE.  It's purely entertaining because of the DOG. Hopefully, that's been clarified.


This is the part where it is so tempting to "spill it" on the internet.  Of course there's a backstory to this video request.  One I won't be sharing here simply because this whole thing is ridiculous and really does NOT INVOLVE ME.  But because I've received this request - along with a litany of other pointless syllables - it is really tempting to just tell the whole world how I feel about it.  And the internet provides the perfect venue.  But that would not be the wise thing to do.  Oh, there will be follow-up, but offline and in my usual way. 

What is a wise response when emotions run high?  What about when someone just simply offends you because of their views?  Do you ignore it?  Do you put a nasty comment on their status?  Do you message a litany of useless syllables hoping to gain a response in your favor? 

Why am I writing all this anyway?  Well, first to use the platform to make it clear that what I post is MINE and not meant to cause harm but enrichment to others' lives.  If it has offended - sorry, but I'm not retracting.  Second, to gently remind us all to take a pause before reacting online.  Breathe, think it through, then respond if necessary.  You may find that it's not necessary to jump into someone else's "drama party."