Tuesday, October 26, 2010 0 comments

Unwrapping the Gift

What happens when you get a gift?  Do you immediately rip open the packaging to get to the inside? Do you, with meticulous care, take the tape off first, then fold by fold take the paper and place it in a safe place to come to the gift after the wrapping has been secured?  Or do you, like me, take off the portion of wrapping that gets you into the gift itself?  What about those gift bags?  Ever miss something that was tucked way down in there?  Or do you just simply set the gift aside to open later?

That's what it can be like when trying to discover our true selves.  There's a gift packed away inside, but it's up to us how we get to it.  We can get right down to business - tearing off all the wrapping, skirt around the issues and never really get to the gift - being so meticulous, doing it with some gusto but leaving some walls up, missing the best part - not finding ALL the gift in the bag, or incredibly never even trying but staying in the status quo.

Don't set your life aside like an unopened gift.  Open it - completely.  Don't miss a thing.  There's a gift inside you, not only for yourself but to share with others.