Saturday, October 8, 2011

An amazing day ... can be found in the details

I had such a great day I just had to share it!

The morning started with a gloriously gorgeous sunrise.  A scene like that cannot be truly captured in a photo - and quite frankly, I just laid in bed with the cats and watched and thought.  Wonderful thoughts. 

Change scenes to one of my long-time traditions...Saturday morning cartoons!  I don't get too many Saturday mornings where I can relax on the couch (with my laptop now) and just watch cartoons.  Totally fun and totally outrageous!

Let's not forget breakfast!  Man.... (my roommate) Bill's son, Tom, turns 10 next weekend and he's here this weekend.  So in honor of Tom's pending birthday - a BIG breakfast/brunch:  biscuits & sausage gravy, bacon, cheesy eggs, and fried potatoes.  We were stuffed! 

Once that settled it was time to head out to work ON my Premier Designs High Fashion Jewelry business - not IN it.  I went to watch my "mama's" show.  It was so much fun meeting new ladies, playing in all her jewelry, and getting new ideas for my own shows.  The best part...she has some of the new holiday line!!!  That Buckle Up bracelet I'm simply in-love with?  She has it!!!  And did it ever look lovely on my wrist.  I've been on an "in-love" high all day. I'm using my free jewelry certificate from Premier to get that sucker!

Back home to spend some much needed time in the sun in my retreat area, worked out a bit, and updated my blog designs - among a few other things. Nothing major, but all the little things have added up to a pretty amazing day.