Saturday, May 16, 2015 0 comments

My Nemesis In The Burbs

     First, let me say...I DO like living close to everything in the metro.  Because I don't want anyone to think I have anything against living in the burbs.  HOWEVER...when it comes to some of the simple joys I appreciated with country life, the burbs get on my nerves.  Hearing the neighbors incessant bird screeching, not seeing very many stars at night, not being able to walk around naked without fear of someone seeing, and new nemesis...the damn rabbits.

Don't let their furry adorableness fool you.  These little evil fluffballs will decimate a flower garden before you even get them planted. They have already eaten my verbena, rose moss, wand flower, and even the lilly blooms. I didn't have this problem in the country.  Why?  Because there are dogs that are allowed to chase out there.  Dogs here have to be on leashes.  They don't get to do what they do naturally.  And the damn rabbits KNOW it.

Since I can't just let the dogs out, I have to resort to other methods.  Chicken wire is most preferable - but again - I'm in the burbs.  Chicken wire would not cut it with the neighbors.  What else?  I'm going to try a couple inexpensive ideas from the Farmer's Almanac:  Irish Spring shavings and mint.  Wish me luck!