Sunday, October 28, 2012 0 comments

700-Year Plan

Do you have a 700-year plan?  Most people don't even have plans for lunch, let alone what they want to have an impact for 700 years from now.  Grandmaster Jung Hwang, founder/owner of Hwang's Martial Arts and 1984 Olympic Silver Medalist, has a 700-year plan. I got to hear one piece of it last night. Grandmaster will build a school in Bolivia, one of the poorest countries in the world. He is on his way to making that happen.  What he is doing is preparing his legacy to live on in others.

When I woke this morning I was still thinking about the 700-year plan.  What could I do that could leave an impact on this world? I don't have children like many of you reading this.  I have been blessed to be a part of ministries and charity organizations that have amazing purpose.  I have traveled as part of missionary teams.  I have helped one-on-one when someone has just needed a non-judgmental ear and encouraging word.  All these are just natural things I do, but if I could do more with intentionality - what kind of impact could that have?

An idea came to me - divine inspiration.  Part of my business plan for my jewelry business is to use it to fund non-profits, mission trips, and philanthropic ventures.  I'm going to take that bigger and create a foundation that supports great causes all over the world.  How that's going to look officially or what the name will be, I don't know.  But I do know God will move others to join me.

What would your 700-year plan include?