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New Movie - MUST See!

This movie is from the same people who did "Facing the Giants." I'm not married - but I would LOVE to see this movie. I truly believe that men are called to be the leaders in their homes - and I think this movie will be a great example. And they follow up with a couples ministry: Fireproof My Marriage.

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Have a Great Day!

Ever have one of these days? Ever REMEMBERING having one of these days? :-)

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One of those magical weekends

Have you ever planned a weekend - and it didn't turn out like you were thinking it should - but it turned out much better than you could have imagined? That was it for me!

I had a boat-load of work to do this weekend, but I allowed myself to be sidetracked to spend time with people I care about and love to be around. It was fabulous! I took a break and went to the park to watch the basketball players. I had a great time watching Jennifer dominate on the court - and let me tell you - I think the guys are a little scared of her out there. Plus, little Christian/George opened up with me! We swang on the swings, chased the squirrel, found nuts and just played - and of course he loves to be carried around and I gladly obliged. The ballplayers managed to work up a drenching sweat - Ryan literally rang his shirt out. I personally am not a basketball player - HORSE maybe - but not when I have to fight for it. Then Kayla came home with me and we watched movies till 1:30a - and she managed to not fall asleep in church!

And on Sundays I always manage to get my baby-fix. Riley McArthur is just adorable - and I look around and see about 4 other babies! This church is really growing - in all kinds of ways! And since I'm definitely working with the youth now - I got to hang with the kids over there for awhile then came home to get back to work. Well - I was pleasantly sidetracked again when a friend called to come swim for a bit. We just hung out - swam/floated - watched TV (actually laughed at it) and had a great time. I hope those kind of days happen more often!

So even though I didn't get anything "accomplished" this weekend - it was one of the best times I've had in awhile - aside from CIY just a couple weeks ago. This year is vastly different from 2007! Isn't is amazing how the seasons of our lives work out...
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What a week!

Ok - so we returned home exhausted! I think we were all still draggin' on Sunday. And Sunday evening I got to sing with our band at Takin' It To The Streets! That was awesome! I had a great time, I hope I sounded as good as the time I was having. Our "set" went by so fast. Thank you everyone who came out and supported us! It was great to see so many GCC faces there not only cheering us on, but just worshiping the Lord.

Well, as I promised, some pictures. This is not even close to all of them!

And here is a video clip of a sample of Worship for the week!

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CIY-Final Day is here

Well, it's happening...the beginning of the end....of this week anyway. We are learning so much and I pray that these kids create an explosive ripple effect when we get home. There's some issues that have been laid on their hearts - mine too - that we are determined to get MOVEment on! So watch out prepared to MOVE!

This week has been fabulous. I knew I would have a great time just because I love to be studying Jesus stuff, but I had no idea how well I'd mesh with these guys. I hope Angelique is ready to share! Each one of these kids have so much potential, and after last night's message on being a hero (boldness), they know it! There's going to be a battle cry rising up from Sacred Grounds, I just feel it comin' on!

We've learned about who Jesus is, who the Holy Spirit is and the power He gives us, and how a "we makes a me" in community which is unity (unbuntu). Yesterday's MOVE experience was really cool. Like I mentioned, they all got split up into different groups to do "adventures." I had 7 kids - none of my group - from Dallas, Indiana, Ohio. We met twice yesterday and the greatest compliment I could get is that they want to keep this same group for today! We had a blast getting to now each other and be goofy together. All the boys were in marching band - so natuarlly being a band geek myself - we had a LOT to talk about. I was even able to guess their insturments, they were impressed.

There's a ministry in Cambodia we learned about this week that I will be bringing to the church soon...Rapha House. Rapha means healing in Hebrew. It's a house where girls stay when they have been rescued from sex trafficking. I was so angry about all that evil I just wanted to seriously go kick someone's you-know-what!

And the best so far...Chayla got baptized! Well, rebaptized to be exact, but nonetheless, Angels were rejoicing and so did we! And after last night's session we sat in our usual spot by the tennis courts and shared some really deep stuff. The kids started really opening up and telling their testimonies. These kids have a lot of hurt piled up in their lives. They've given their lives to Jesus, but there's still healing to do. So please pray for them.

Well - I have to be there early this morning so I am off to breakfast. We are sleeping in tomorrow! Well - I have a feeling we won't actually get much sleep, but as long as we get to take our time I may actually sleep till 9! Then we make the road trip home Saturday. See ya'll Sunday at church! YYYYYaaaAAAAWWwwwWNNNNNnNNNNnnnnn
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CIY-Day 3

Still no pictures downloaded....sorry. But there has be some really great bonding time. And I learned how to play Mafia last night. I was the Sheriff - and yes, they shot the Sheriff! Actually, Jeremy and I were the first ones killed! Imagine that...

Well, yesterday we talked a lot about the Holy Spirit - His power on Pentacost, and how He moves today. Thursday will be cool day. The subject is being bold in our faith, and it's amazing how all that we covering here I've been unknowingly preparing for through the Women's studies. I have been obviously led by the Spirit to be here! And Thursday will also be very interesting. That's the day they put the MOVE theme into practice. Their going to be mixing up the groups. The kids will be discussing with total strangers! Ohhhh how some of their comfort zones will be stretched!
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We're Here!

Well, I've got to tell ya...I've not had so much fun on a road trip in quite awhile! I can't wait to get my camera downloaded with the videos and pictures. (I forgot to bring the cable :-( ) These "kids" are great. I am having a fabulous time getting to know all of them, and it's only day 1.

This CIY is well thought-out. They've built in plenty of community time: time for group discussion as well as play. There's also personal encounter time with God. They just find a spot and read the Word or pray and worship or just write in their journals. I'm excited about this for myself as well as for them. I know when we have conferences with KFC, there's not a whole lot of personal time. Dinner is considered personal time. But at those functions unless you can manage to eat alone in your room - it's never personal time. So I'm overjoyed that's builot-in here. The music is of course fantastic! And I have the tub o'snacks in my room - so I get visitors which is another cool part. Even when it's after midnight. Yawn!!!! But thankfully enough, my body is so used to getting up before 8:00 a.m. our time (that's sleeping late for me-usually up around 5:30 a.m.) and it's an hour behind here. But that also means me and some girls didn't get to bed till around 3:00 a.m. our time.

And one thing's for sure - I will be getting my exercise! It's literally a walk uphill both ways experience since we have to use an overpass pedway to get to the meeting areas. Well...better go brush my teeth and get this day rolling!
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Getting packed

Well, tomorrow's the big day! Leaving for CIY with 12 teenagers and two other adult leaders for 6 days. It'll fun, I've been assured of that. But more, I hope that we all grow closer to God and each other in the process. I'm excited! It's 11pm and I'm trying to update a few things and finish up some work that's needed before I leave.

But on a sad note -- I am a little disappointed to miss the VBS this week. I LOVE the theme of "at the hop."

But on an even happier note - the pool's up and ready! I've been able to get it in both days this weekend...already burnt my back. I just got so excited to be out in it I forgot I need to ease my time in the sun ! Oh's worth it. Once I get back from CIY we can start building the fencing and deck around it and it will be pool-party-worthy.

And some things to put on your calendars: Cornhole tournament to support the Philippine Mission trip - Saturday, August 9...GCC Talent Show - Sunday, August 24!
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I Know me now...It's Official!

There has been a lot of revelations in my life lately. I've been struggling in a few areas - one big one still lingers from last month...what do I have a heart for? Do I have a "heart" (passion) to work with the youth?...yes. Do I have a heart to sing?...yes. Do I have a heart for the vision and plan of the church?...yes. Do I have a heart to organize?...yes. Do I have a heart for technical stuff done with excellence?...yes. Do I have a heart for being support and encouragement for others?...yes. Do I have a heart for the homeless?...yes. Do I have a heart for discipleship/training/teaching?...yes. Do I have a heart for the elderly, lonely, orphans, lame, sick, destitute?...yes. Do I have a heart for rest?...yes. Do I have a heart for furry babies?...yes. Do I have a heart for regular babies?...yes (shhhhh). Do I have a heart for entertaining/performing?...Yes. Do I have a heart for learning/studying?...yes. Do I have a heart for loving and serving others?...yes. Do I have a heart for Jesus?...YES.

Now that may seem like lot to you. In fact, Hank told me that was hard. Most people only have a heart for one thing - their focus would be that one area, like working with the youth. But for someone like me...God's made me with a heart for a lot of different things...and the skills and talents and gifts to be effective in every one of them. So why should I limit God's gifts to just one area - especially when He's given me a heart for so many things? What is wrong with being a support system to ministry leaders as well as those they are leading? I had been so quick to put God in this box of only doing one ministry in my life. But as it turns out - I'm good at a lot of things, and I have a heart to do what He wants me to do in those areas - with excellence for His Glory. So I am sorry to those who don't understand my various workings, but this is how God made me. And to those of you who were already aware of that in me -- thank you for not chastizing my low self-esteem of late.

Have you ever heard of the word, factotum? The dictionary defines it as "an employee or assistant with a wide range of duties." Well, I am God's assistant (more than that really...that's for another post). He's given me a wide range of duties - and I enjoy a lot of them. And He gives me what I need to accomplish His tasks. I am embracing that. I know what I am able to do well and what I am not. I know when I'm getting overloaded - when to back-off - and how much more I can handle. But if you think for a minute that I am going to limit myself with just one area of ministry for God - you're wrong. If the concept of ministering multiple ways is too big a concept for you - -let it sink in. My FOCUS in life is Jesus/God/Holy Spirit. Not people. Not computers. Not work. Not music. But my ministries are anything God has prepared in advance for me to do. Who am I to say that's only in one area?

In fact, He's opened the way for another area: missions. In a matter of two days, the way has been cleared for me to go on the Philippine Mission trip in October. Only the money is left to get in order. He's gotten me this far...He'll see my needs met.

I've had an interest in doing a mission trip for years, but time and money never matched up. Well, there have already been so many missions going on around me and people suggesting I go that I started praying hard about it. And God just opened the door. And I am beyond thrilled! I am so excited I just can't wait! I get to work VBS - or build - or give testimony - or just hang out and build relationships! I did pray about taking on this venture for the right reasons - because I had been called-out in the "heart" area before. And I can't express how I feel about getting this opportunity. A VBS! I will be so full with "kid-fixes!" It'll be hard not to try to sneak one home. And believe it or not - I love to paint - and make things...even if it's hard. So to get to help build a church - then paint it! Ohhhhh, I wonder if we can put the kids' handprints somewhere....can I fit my guitar on the plane?

And this is how I get with every opoortunity God places in front of me - excited and determined to do the best I can to the full blessing it can be for others. And this is just in all my "works." I encourage you to not put God in a box. If you have more than one talent/skill/gift...don't be afraid to use it when led to. God will make opportunities known to you - because He's prepared the way for you to be a part of it.

I don't need to write a novel today - but in another post I'll write about God being in my middle, and me being in His.
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The "puppy's" first fireworks

This weekend has been something else! Got the pool filled up - then a couple of the legs came off the blocks and it was a beautiful waterfall coming out of it. I just walked away. It's something that we'll have to go back to the beginning with. So I'm draining it now, and mom and I will get started again this week.

It's been a good weekend all-in-all. And for the first time ever - we got to set-off fireworks at mom's. See, when she was married to Rob he wouldn't dare allow anything that would mess-up the yard. And when they divorced everything changed around the "ranch." Mom got to keep 3 hounds...Preacher, Tammy, and Katie Lou. Even the dogs are different dogs! She lets them loose anytime they want and they get to chase whatever they want. Last week Preacher had a skunk tree'd...and mom didn't have to see it for herself if you get my drift. Shoot, even I didn't have to guess what he had tree'd a couple of days later. After a week of creek baths he's just now to a point I can stand to breathe around him.

Well, on the 4th we set-off the fireworks. And we realized when Preacher tried to chase the fireworks that it was his first time seeing them. So we made sure to leash him cause at first we thought he was scared or angry at it - but au contraire! He loved it! Check out this video...

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4-Day Weekend!

Yesterday the boss came around and asked everybody which day they would prefer to have off - Thursday or Monday - and since my great-aunt is coming up today for the weekend, I took today. What a blessing. I caught up on sleep that's for sure. And now I'm just waiting for my pool to fill up and watching the hummingbirds eat.

I'll be working on a video project for a coworker this weekend. She and her daughters went to Italy last year and I'll be taking their 10 tapes of video and 100s of pics and compiling them into something they'll enjoy watching for a couple of hours. It's been fun so far. 10 hours of video shows A LOT. Venice looks very promising...especially the gondelier drivers! And the architecture - and paintings - and sculptures. There is so much that wraps around religion. Roman gods and definitely Christ with the cross and the Virgin Mary. And as I watched all this, I began to wonder...what was their motivation to build these magnificent cathedrals and paintings and statues, etc?

There have been a lot of messages and studies lately on where our hearts are with Jesus. Where were these artists' hearts back then? Was all this amazing stuff done as an outpouring of their love of Jesus? Or was it just a matter of tradition? Were they filled with the Holy Spirit and their talents showed it - the fruits of their labor? Or was the "love of Jesus" warped over time into a worship of the idols created instead of Jesus Himself? How many souls were saved through the creation of these cathedrals and such?

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