Friday, July 18, 2008

CIY-Final Day is here

Well, it's happening...the beginning of the end....of this week anyway. We are learning so much and I pray that these kids create an explosive ripple effect when we get home. There's some issues that have been laid on their hearts - mine too - that we are determined to get MOVEment on! So watch out prepared to MOVE!

This week has been fabulous. I knew I would have a great time just because I love to be studying Jesus stuff, but I had no idea how well I'd mesh with these guys. I hope Angelique is ready to share! Each one of these kids have so much potential, and after last night's message on being a hero (boldness), they know it! There's going to be a battle cry rising up from Sacred Grounds, I just feel it comin' on!

We've learned about who Jesus is, who the Holy Spirit is and the power He gives us, and how a "we makes a me" in community which is unity (unbuntu). Yesterday's MOVE experience was really cool. Like I mentioned, they all got split up into different groups to do "adventures." I had 7 kids - none of my group - from Dallas, Indiana, Ohio. We met twice yesterday and the greatest compliment I could get is that they want to keep this same group for today! We had a blast getting to now each other and be goofy together. All the boys were in marching band - so natuarlly being a band geek myself - we had a LOT to talk about. I was even able to guess their insturments, they were impressed.

There's a ministry in Cambodia we learned about this week that I will be bringing to the church soon...Rapha House. Rapha means healing in Hebrew. It's a house where girls stay when they have been rescued from sex trafficking. I was so angry about all that evil I just wanted to seriously go kick someone's you-know-what!

And the best so far...Chayla got baptized! Well, rebaptized to be exact, but nonetheless, Angels were rejoicing and so did we! And after last night's session we sat in our usual spot by the tennis courts and shared some really deep stuff. The kids started really opening up and telling their testimonies. These kids have a lot of hurt piled up in their lives. They've given their lives to Jesus, but there's still healing to do. So please pray for them.

Well - I have to be there early this morning so I am off to breakfast. We are sleeping in tomorrow! Well - I have a feeling we won't actually get much sleep, but as long as we get to take our time I may actually sleep till 9! Then we make the road trip home Saturday. See ya'll Sunday at church! YYYYYaaaAAAAWWwwwWNNNNNnNNNNnnnnn


Kimberly said...

Whew! Looks like you survived the teens! Congrats! No really, they are a great group of kids. I'm glad you were able to connect with ours and others.