Sunday, July 13, 2008

Getting packed

Well, tomorrow's the big day! Leaving for CIY with 12 teenagers and two other adult leaders for 6 days. It'll fun, I've been assured of that. But more, I hope that we all grow closer to God and each other in the process. I'm excited! It's 11pm and I'm trying to update a few things and finish up some work that's needed before I leave.

But on a sad note -- I am a little disappointed to miss the VBS this week. I LOVE the theme of "at the hop."

But on an even happier note - the pool's up and ready! I've been able to get it in both days this weekend...already burnt my back. I just got so excited to be out in it I forgot I need to ease my time in the sun ! Oh's worth it. Once I get back from CIY we can start building the fencing and deck around it and it will be pool-party-worthy.

And some things to put on your calendars: Cornhole tournament to support the Philippine Mission trip - Saturday, August 9...GCC Talent Show - Sunday, August 24!