Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Know me now...It's Official!

There has been a lot of revelations in my life lately. I've been struggling in a few areas - one big one still lingers from last month...what do I have a heart for? Do I have a "heart" (passion) to work with the youth?...yes. Do I have a heart to sing?...yes. Do I have a heart for the vision and plan of the church?...yes. Do I have a heart to organize?...yes. Do I have a heart for technical stuff done with excellence?...yes. Do I have a heart for being support and encouragement for others?...yes. Do I have a heart for the homeless?...yes. Do I have a heart for discipleship/training/teaching?...yes. Do I have a heart for the elderly, lonely, orphans, lame, sick, destitute?...yes. Do I have a heart for rest?...yes. Do I have a heart for furry babies?...yes. Do I have a heart for regular babies?...yes (shhhhh). Do I have a heart for entertaining/performing?...Yes. Do I have a heart for learning/studying?...yes. Do I have a heart for loving and serving others?...yes. Do I have a heart for Jesus?...YES.

Now that may seem like lot to you. In fact, Hank told me that was hard. Most people only have a heart for one thing - their focus would be that one area, like working with the youth. But for someone like me...God's made me with a heart for a lot of different things...and the skills and talents and gifts to be effective in every one of them. So why should I limit God's gifts to just one area - especially when He's given me a heart for so many things? What is wrong with being a support system to ministry leaders as well as those they are leading? I had been so quick to put God in this box of only doing one ministry in my life. But as it turns out - I'm good at a lot of things, and I have a heart to do what He wants me to do in those areas - with excellence for His Glory. So I am sorry to those who don't understand my various workings, but this is how God made me. And to those of you who were already aware of that in me -- thank you for not chastizing my low self-esteem of late.

Have you ever heard of the word, factotum? The dictionary defines it as "an employee or assistant with a wide range of duties." Well, I am God's assistant (more than that really...that's for another post). He's given me a wide range of duties - and I enjoy a lot of them. And He gives me what I need to accomplish His tasks. I am embracing that. I know what I am able to do well and what I am not. I know when I'm getting overloaded - when to back-off - and how much more I can handle. But if you think for a minute that I am going to limit myself with just one area of ministry for God - you're wrong. If the concept of ministering multiple ways is too big a concept for you - -let it sink in. My FOCUS in life is Jesus/God/Holy Spirit. Not people. Not computers. Not work. Not music. But my ministries are anything God has prepared in advance for me to do. Who am I to say that's only in one area?

In fact, He's opened the way for another area: missions. In a matter of two days, the way has been cleared for me to go on the Philippine Mission trip in October. Only the money is left to get in order. He's gotten me this far...He'll see my needs met.

I've had an interest in doing a mission trip for years, but time and money never matched up. Well, there have already been so many missions going on around me and people suggesting I go that I started praying hard about it. And God just opened the door. And I am beyond thrilled! I am so excited I just can't wait! I get to work VBS - or build - or give testimony - or just hang out and build relationships! I did pray about taking on this venture for the right reasons - because I had been called-out in the "heart" area before. And I can't express how I feel about getting this opportunity. A VBS! I will be so full with "kid-fixes!" It'll be hard not to try to sneak one home. And believe it or not - I love to paint - and make things...even if it's hard. So to get to help build a church - then paint it! Ohhhhh, I wonder if we can put the kids' handprints somewhere....can I fit my guitar on the plane?

And this is how I get with every opoortunity God places in front of me - excited and determined to do the best I can to the full blessing it can be for others. And this is just in all my "works." I encourage you to not put God in a box. If you have more than one talent/skill/gift...don't be afraid to use it when led to. God will make opportunities known to you - because He's prepared the way for you to be a part of it.

I don't need to write a novel today - but in another post I'll write about God being in my middle, and me being in His.


Rebecca Jo said...

You're going on the mission trip? WOW!!!! That is fantastic news! I'm excited for you!

Who Am I? said...

Wow, did you like blog our whole conversation Thursday night? I'm proud of your decision to go. Oh--on a side note, take care of my hubby this week.

Christy said...

At least my revelation part of the conversation...it's become my mantra the past week about embracing my multiple talents. And I'll try to make sure your feller doesn't get hurt.