Thursday, July 3, 2008

4-Day Weekend!

Yesterday the boss came around and asked everybody which day they would prefer to have off - Thursday or Monday - and since my great-aunt is coming up today for the weekend, I took today. What a blessing. I caught up on sleep that's for sure. And now I'm just waiting for my pool to fill up and watching the hummingbirds eat.

I'll be working on a video project for a coworker this weekend. She and her daughters went to Italy last year and I'll be taking their 10 tapes of video and 100s of pics and compiling them into something they'll enjoy watching for a couple of hours. It's been fun so far. 10 hours of video shows A LOT. Venice looks very promising...especially the gondelier drivers! And the architecture - and paintings - and sculptures. There is so much that wraps around religion. Roman gods and definitely Christ with the cross and the Virgin Mary. And as I watched all this, I began to wonder...what was their motivation to build these magnificent cathedrals and paintings and statues, etc?

There have been a lot of messages and studies lately on where our hearts are with Jesus. Where were these artists' hearts back then? Was all this amazing stuff done as an outpouring of their love of Jesus? Or was it just a matter of tradition? Were they filled with the Holy Spirit and their talents showed it - the fruits of their labor? Or was the "love of Jesus" warped over time into a worship of the idols created instead of Jesus Himself? How many souls were saved through the creation of these cathedrals and such?