Monday, July 28, 2008

One of those magical weekends

Have you ever planned a weekend - and it didn't turn out like you were thinking it should - but it turned out much better than you could have imagined? That was it for me!

I had a boat-load of work to do this weekend, but I allowed myself to be sidetracked to spend time with people I care about and love to be around. It was fabulous! I took a break and went to the park to watch the basketball players. I had a great time watching Jennifer dominate on the court - and let me tell you - I think the guys are a little scared of her out there. Plus, little Christian/George opened up with me! We swang on the swings, chased the squirrel, found nuts and just played - and of course he loves to be carried around and I gladly obliged. The ballplayers managed to work up a drenching sweat - Ryan literally rang his shirt out. I personally am not a basketball player - HORSE maybe - but not when I have to fight for it. Then Kayla came home with me and we watched movies till 1:30a - and she managed to not fall asleep in church!

And on Sundays I always manage to get my baby-fix. Riley McArthur is just adorable - and I look around and see about 4 other babies! This church is really growing - in all kinds of ways! And since I'm definitely working with the youth now - I got to hang with the kids over there for awhile then came home to get back to work. Well - I was pleasantly sidetracked again when a friend called to come swim for a bit. We just hung out - swam/floated - watched TV (actually laughed at it) and had a great time. I hope those kind of days happen more often!

So even though I didn't get anything "accomplished" this weekend - it was one of the best times I've had in awhile - aside from CIY just a couple weeks ago. This year is vastly different from 2007! Isn't is amazing how the seasons of our lives work out...