Sunday, July 6, 2008

The "puppy's" first fireworks

This weekend has been something else! Got the pool filled up - then a couple of the legs came off the blocks and it was a beautiful waterfall coming out of it. I just walked away. It's something that we'll have to go back to the beginning with. So I'm draining it now, and mom and I will get started again this week.

It's been a good weekend all-in-all. And for the first time ever - we got to set-off fireworks at mom's. See, when she was married to Rob he wouldn't dare allow anything that would mess-up the yard. And when they divorced everything changed around the "ranch." Mom got to keep 3 hounds...Preacher, Tammy, and Katie Lou. Even the dogs are different dogs! She lets them loose anytime they want and they get to chase whatever they want. Last week Preacher had a skunk tree'd...and mom didn't have to see it for herself if you get my drift. Shoot, even I didn't have to guess what he had tree'd a couple of days later. After a week of creek baths he's just now to a point I can stand to breathe around him.

Well, on the 4th we set-off the fireworks. And we realized when Preacher tried to chase the fireworks that it was his first time seeing them. So we made sure to leash him cause at first we thought he was scared or angry at it - but au contraire! He loved it! Check out this video...


Mrs4444 said...

Hilarious! I love it.