Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CIY-Day 3

Still no pictures downloaded....sorry. But there has be some really great bonding time. And I learned how to play Mafia last night. I was the Sheriff - and yes, they shot the Sheriff! Actually, Jeremy and I were the first ones killed! Imagine that...

Well, yesterday we talked a lot about the Holy Spirit - His power on Pentacost, and how He moves today. Thursday will be cool day. The subject is being bold in our faith, and it's amazing how all that we covering here I've been unknowingly preparing for through the Women's studies. I have been obviously led by the Spirit to be here! And Thursday will also be very interesting. That's the day they put the MOVE theme into practice. Their going to be mixing up the groups. The kids will be discussing with total strangers! Ohhhh how some of their comfort zones will be stretched!


Who Am I? said...

I love that game! I actually got to be the killer once. No one guessed me till the very end. However, I was playing with a group of 4th and 5th graders :-) Thanks for keeping us updated back home. We miss you!