Sunday, January 1, 2012 1 comments

2012 Word For The Year

This time of year it's "the thing to do" to set a New Year's resolution.  Well, I quit doing that simply because it was the same ones over and over: lose weight, make more money, be a better person.  When my relationship with God went to a new level a few years ago, I adopted a new idea - Word for the Year.

The year I used "Flexible," I was given the opportunity to do something other than my corporate job.  Year after that was "Preparation." I received training to be an official Executive Coach.  Last year - "Simplify." Wow - lots of lessons learned with that one.  This year, my word is FOCUS.

Focusing on one thing at-a-time will make a huge difference in my life. I will focus on growing my businesses - the planning, the action of it, the relationship-building. I will focus on training new ministry team members.  I will focus on being fully engaged in my relationships - family, friends, and potential suitors (there might be one out there). I will focus on myself - my health, my look, my mind. Most importantly, I will FOCUS on God.  Seeking first His Kingdom, and all the rest will fall into place.