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41 ... Now What

Sunday was my birthday, my 41st birthday.  Yep.  I'm OVER 40.  And honestly, proud of it.  I earned my way here.  The weekend itself was anticlimactic (was sick all weekend); however, my life is anything but.  I am taking a few moments to reflect...

In my 41 years I have:
  • taught myself to read music and play instruments,
  • earned a perfect score trophy as drum major,
  • drove cross-country,
  • traveled to other countries,
  • served under high-level executives of big companies,
  • gotten my radio broadcasting license, 
  • been backstage at the Grand Ole Opry during a performance,
  • met country music legends,
  • owned my own house,
  • finished a bachelor's degree in marketing and multiple certifications in music business and executive coaching,
  • been lost in the woods at Ashford Castle in Ireland,
  • held an owl on my arm,
  • rode a horse in the Grand Canyon,
  • rode a helicopter over the Grand Canyon,
  • sang to church groups in the Philippines,
  • held Gypsy babies in Romania,
  • taught award-winning marching bands performing in the Lucas Oil Stadium,
  • sang with a southern gospel group,
  • served on the worship team of a church for 20 years,
  • started a tech ministry,
  • produced many entertaining events,
  • led women's ministry,
  • worked with youth groups,
  • wrote and published a book, 
  • landscaped my own property,
  • helped friends move - a lot,
  • held dying loved ones hands,
  • lost friendships,
  • made new friends,
  • been a jewelry lady and still love those shiny objects,
  • learned to drive on a stick-shift,
  • plucked feathers off a dead chicken,
  • bottle fed a calf that slept next to me in the house at grandpa's,
  • worked in a greenhouse,
  • worked as a marketing manager and bid-taker/clerk for an auctioneer,
  • been on the radio,
  • been on TV,
  • done some recording of songs,
  • started my own business,
  • sat and talked with Senators and a former Governor about industrial hemp uses,
  • helped connect hundreds of people,
  • wrote speeches for convention speakers,
  • produced videos,
  • led teams, groups, and organizations,
  • and so much more....
I almost felt sad for what I haven't gotten accomplished yet this year and the gaps I feel are in my own life.  But the year isn't over yet :-).  And each day I get to wake up, I'm given the opportunity to do something good with it.  It's not always easy.  I work hard and stay involved in life.  I've always been that way.  But today I took a moment to write out a short list of things I've done in my 41 years. I'm certainly not sad anymore.  I know who I am, who I'm still becoming.  

It seems almost surreal that I'VE done those things.  And I know I'm not done.  Lots of ideas, lots of people to help, lots of roles to play in harmony. So, now what?

I have a few things in the hopper...
  • Arkham Executive (as partner and co-founder - growing!!!)
  • Little Tree Publishing (bringing all my projects in-house to my own company)
  • Cherokee Alternative Energy (as Project Development Director to help develop 300 acres in Eastern Kentucky)
  • Executive Women International (another year as Chapter President, and possibility of national program)
  • Being Super book release
  • Gear-Up business conference in October (be prepared to see my face
  • Business In A  Box online training
  • Super Power Women Retreats 
  • Land development projects (helping a friend)
  • And more ideas to add all the time...(plus bucket list items like travel to Greece and own a Jeep Wrangler designed grand Wonder Woman style).

I am truly blessed to have made it this far in life.  I am super excited about what lays ahead.  My word this year is ADVANCE.  And my daily prayer is this:

"Help me, Lord, be the person I need to be to do the things you have set before me to do.  Help me to be a blessing, not a curse - a help, not a hindrance.  Guide me in all things. And thank you for loving me in spite of me and my own stubbornness."

Thanks for reading my post.  How will you reflect on YOUR life?  You might surprise yourself all the cool things you've done! And if you need help with that...let's have tea (or coffee, or whatever) and chat.