Tuesday, September 3, 2013 0 comments

A Great Coach Makes All The Difference

I've seen this clip many times.  I had the privilege of seeing it again this morning as part of the New York Life training we did at Arkham Executive.  Watch it, then read on.

Now that you've seen it, are you inspired?  Inspired to keep your head down and plow past the point YOU think you can go?  Inspired to help others get past their point to reach their ultimate potential? Watching this clip I'm reminded that having a coach - not just cheerleaders - can make all the difference.

You see, cheerleaders are great encouragers that can keep your ego fueled.  But a COACH.  That's the one that motivates you, keeps you focused, makes you go farther than you ever thought possible, but dreamed about.

Who are your cheerleaders?  But more importantly, who is your Coach? I am honored to be the Coach for many people, and am very thankful for the Coaches in my life.