Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Madness!

I have to tell you, the more I get into doing this business plan, the more excited I get about starting a new business! I know it's going to be rough to start - all new businesses are - but still, the benefits of being on my own will be priceless.

This new business idea is kinda crazy, really. How do I target a network of specialists (handymen, house cleaners, strategic planners, video producers, bookkeepers, knitters, jewelry makers, organizers, etc., etc., etc.) to a specific target? I can't easily. So the business itself will be marketed in three parts: Home, Business, and Life.

Factotum by definition means "jack-of-all-trades," which is who I am personally. So why not build on that? With this kind of business, I will be able to connect people to others, which energizes me. Not only can it help meet needs, but make connections with those "specialists" that love what they do (and are good at it!) and build lasting relationships.

I'm still working out the business plan, but basically Factotum Home would provide services for your home inside & out like electrical, lighting design, general handyman, landscaping, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, yard work/clean-up, house cleaning with steam, and home organizing. Factotum Business can focus on your small business needs like secretarial, bookkeeping, copywriting, graphic design, marketing, event planning, and strategic planning to name a few. And Factotum Life is where it gets FUN! Do you want to learn how to crochet or knit? Need a video of home movies and pictures for a gift to others or yourself? Want to start scrapbooking but don't know where to begin? We have specialists that are willing to meet with you on a one-to-one basis to get you started or take you to the next level.

So that's the overall gist of it. And marketing? When someone comes to Factotum for housecleaning services and learns they can get a video done as well...well, then the concept is working.