Saturday, October 10, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Losing Sight Because He's Too Focused

So I'm jumping on the Six Word Saturday bandwagon this week! I couldn't resist...

Do you see this handsome dog to the right? Well, I have a story to tell that I'm sure we can all relate to.

Needless to say, I woke up irritated this morning. I even started the day with reading the Bible, praying for peace...anything to help - and help did not seem to come. So I went ahead and started the rest of the day to get as much as possible done before leaving for Tom's football afternoon. I went to mom's early to pick-up a couple of elephant ears to bring in for the cold seasons. As I drove down her driveway, I see this sweet boy, Preacher, digging in the field - after a mole I'm sure. He's looks up, with his mud & dirt covered face that left no room for white fur anywhere, and acknowledges my arrival with a wagging of the tail and raised ears. But that acknowledgement would have to do since he was not leaving his digging - he might miss catching the mole!

After visiting and venting to mom about the world and its ways, we put the plants in the back of the truck and look up in the field where Preacher is still digging and has added howling to the activity. Apparently, he's not got the mole out of the 6 foot ditch he's dug. Then all of a sudden, this deer comes out of the treeline into Preacher's field. This beautiful young buck is just prancing across the field in his best "tra-la-la, la-la" impression. Does Preacher notice? Nope. He's way too focused and concerned about digging out the mole.

Needless to say, mom & I laughed so hard and my whole mood changed. I realized I had been too focused on what was irritating me. There's too much other great things going on that I miss out on because I get too focused on the negative. And you know what? The mole wasn't even still in there! The problem that I thought I was seeing had gone away - wasn't really there anymore. And I missed out on the great moments happening all around me.

Deep for a Saturday morning? Not near as deep as that hole Preacher is still digging!

Grace & peace to y'all!


Dr.John said...

We all see what we want

Autumn said...

Great words to remember!! I think we all get like that sometimes, so focused on our problems we forget to step back and look at the big picture every now and then.

Call Me Cate said...

Nice lesson. I tend to do the same thing - I focus on the things going "wrong" and can't be grateful for the good stuff. Thanks for sharing on 6WS.