Friday, April 30, 2010

Being all Fragmenty

} What am I doing lately? More work than ever - and not reporting to an employer. Amazing, really. Plus, I've made it a point not to be on the computer all day every day. So that cuts my blogging time a lot. HOWEVER, my yard's getting in shape, my house is getting in order, and my life is changing. Will I ever get back to blogging regular? Yep! Looking forward to it actually! So be prepared....

} I've been doing some great life/success coaching lately. It's awesome to see lives tranformed right beore my eyes.

} FINALLY got to see The Blind Side. But it was AFTER I got to attend the Desire to Inspire series at Northside featuring the Tuohy's. Leanne Tuohy is amazing. She's definitely on my "Board of Directors."

} Today is a gorgeous day - lots of outside potential activity. It's also Oaks Day in this area. Almost a national holiday for Louisville. It's the locals Derby Day. But is it really all about the horses? I don't think so. The hats get just as much attention as the horses do. And there are some wild and crazy things out there! Here's just one site that has lots of Women's beautiful Derby hat options: Hats in the Belfry.
} Well, not a long list today. Just a quick fragment of life for Friday! Off to do something outside while it's not raining! Thanks for stopping by!

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Kori said...

I just stopped by to say hi from Friday Fragments; I am slightly jealous of it being nice enough to be getting the yard in shape, though. Have a fun weekend!

Ace said...

Oaks Day looks like a real hoot! I'd love to see all those hats you mentioned if they take after the one in the picture.

Stopping in from Friday Frags. Have a great weekend!

Cleo said...

Just stoppin' in via "Fragment Fridays".
In reading your "About Me", have to say you just sound outright personable & sweet! Such a pleasure to meet you!
And have to share, went to the Kentucky Derby one year while in college at Marshall University in Huntigton, West Virginia. My date and I spent the entire time in the infield...I will NEVER forget it! We had a BLAST!!! But have to tell you, saw alot of things I could have gone without seeing! :)
If you get a chance, stop by and visit me. We're sisters in Him (Christ) after all! :)

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