Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yard Transformations

Since the weather has been extremely cooperative these past couple of weeks, I've decided to get my butt-in-gear with getting my yard updated. The overall goal is to get everything done that needs to be done before May, then maintain the rest of the Summer. That's not too much to ask, really. But it is a lot to do.

Yesterday (Monday) Bill and I loaded up, brought home, and unloaded over 30 decorative concrete blocks I bought at auction Sunday. Then we proceeded to take down a couple of pieces that are just not lovely to make it clear for the backhoe to get in there next week. It's going to make a level spot to put the pavers back in for a sitting area. Christy's Retreat is now more than a dream.

Today (Tuesday), I spent time this morning cleaning up my walkway. I went with mulch on the left (sunny) side last year only to discover the wind velocity around my house carries off mulch. I didn't like the concept of having to re-mulch every year anyway. So rock it is. Got a ton of rock (literally) at Earth First for roughly $15! So I pulled weeds, replaced plastic to hinder the weeds, shoveled rock on-top along the way, and placed low planters in-between the liriope for wave annuals. I can't wait to get that color placed in there!

Then I went and worked at the greenhouse again. It's so much fun! And I have a new friend that loves to share! I have some new additions to put in my other areas that I'll show later. And I shared a couple of hosta plants with her. We just get all giggly with pretty plants and getting new ones to share. And it's just amazing all the colors at the greenhouse! EVERY color - blue, purples, reds, yellows, oranges, green of course, but there's so much creativity in creation. Go figure! I love that I'm made in God's Image - He's creative and so am I!

After all this, I got to go to one of my small group studies. It was a true Jesus moment in our Christian lives. Love you guys! Then came home to listen to a life coaching training call. I truly enjoyed it. Took two pages of notes. Now I've just been using all that anabolic (postive high) energy jammin' loudly to some great music. I think Dierks Bentley could sing to me any moment of any day and I could melt.


Christopher Laney said...

Good for you. Yard work is not one of my favorite things, but you have inspired me to get out and take care of some overdue items. :)

Doreen McGettigan said...

I have started all my veggies inside..still too cold outside..I cannot wait to get out there!

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ZenaT_Pinter2284 said...

how do u do?