Monday, April 12, 2010

What's Dancing With The Stars?

Am I the ONLY person who doesn't keep up with Dancing With The Stars? I actually had a couple extra hours this evening and decided to post something on my blog. I turn on the and notice on the guide that Dancing is on. I like the show, don't get me wrong. But I just don't keep up. I just have no interest in Kate - she looks worn out on the cover of the tabloids, so I'm guessing it's rough and there's drama. Plus, I can keep up through Rebecca's blog. :-)

I also don't keep up with American Idol or Survivor or The Amazing Race or Big Brother or any other "reality" show. Not sure why, maybe it's because I get easily annoyed. Maybe it's because I do much to keep up with a TV show regularly. Maybe I just don't like reality shows. That's makes me a minority lately. Nothing new about that!

HOWEVER. I LOVE to watch the dancing portion of "Dancing." I love the creativity, the expression, the passion that comes out. Love it. I would love to dance like that myself. (Especially if the guy would be as gorgeous as Max).

So for all of you who watch the reality shows, I'm glad you have something you enjoy. It's just not my favorite thing to keep up with. that I'm a life coach maybe I SHOULD be keeping up with them. I could get some dandy ideas of questions to be asking. Like for Kate, how different would your life look if you never had kids? (She just might not be a "reality star). Or Kate, how do you want your life to look when the kids are having kids? Or Simon, how would your life look in a year if everything you did had a positive result? Oh, wait, I already know the answer to that - money-making-marketing genius Simon will still be successful and tellin' it like it is.


Rebecca Jo said...

I've heard people love reality shows because it makes their lives not so bad, watching others lives & the train wrecks they are.. hmmm....

For me, I just love to think I'm in sequins gliding around with Tony or Maks :) Because Lord knows, Ricky aint ever gonna do a twirl or wear a bolero jacket!! :)