Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments? I like this concept - quick little tidbits of the week in one blog post. I always have a lot I would love to write about, thus giving me more writing practice.

[ My back is finally starting to feel better. I can put on my socks without laying them on the floor and trying to slip into them, or just give up and wear sandals.

[ A LOT of work is getting done around the house to get ready for Summer! Bill is amazing with yards - I've never had such a manicured look. And the pool is rebuilt and will be ready to jump into when I get home today! And doing wood treatment really does work. We only got a little patch area close to the pool done before giving up one night. Then the rain came. The difference is really neat to see.

[ Came across a book passage that made me really think. It basically said that God doesn't necessarily use His power all the time simply because the display would not make us LOVE HIM. We would be impressed, yes. But to really love God - to have that meaningful relationship - it must be the development of that ongoing relationship. We can fall in love with God, and fall out of love with Him if we have the wrong perception of who He is or if He doesn't give us what we want when we want it (humans are brats). If we truly love God - not for what he's done for us, but for who He is, we will simply love Him. We will want to be with Him. We will want to please Him, honor Him, and live to serve and give Glory to Him. Even if He does not display His power in "miracles" or "signs & wonders."

[ Boys will be boys, and young boys will imitate their dads to the last detail - even if the spit he tried to make go 4 feet like his dad only went down the front of his shirt.
[ A majority of people aren't grateful for a free meal - they act like they deserve it!
[ I thoroughly enjoy seeing God move in my friends' lives. To see people use their talents and gifts to benefit others and God's Kingdom is joyous!
[ Keeping multiple blog sites will be challenging, but with a schedule, it should be fun and rewarding.
[ I forgot I had so much Wonder Woman stuff till I put up shelves for it, and it all won't fit on two shelves!
[ Going to a new church has been refreshing. I see people I know every time I go. It might be time to get more involved.
[ Rejoice in the Lord always! Again, I say Rejoice! (Philippians 4:4)


Rebecca Jo said...

Gagging a little at the idea of spittle :)

Mrs4444 said...

I like your attitude; I'm sure it's infectious. Looks like you have a fun, happy summer in store for you.

Glad your back is better; it can be so depressing to be in pain.

Sorry I can't stay and poke around a bit today; had a wedding tonight and a 3-hour roadtrip tomorrow. Thanks for joining in this week-I hope you found the unloading of your fragments satisfying :)