Monday, June 1, 2009

What a weekend!

It's so good to have my pool up and ready early this year! Especially since I hurt my back. The exercise is great. And to have the perk of 1:00 p.m. Fridays at work, it's just like having a 3-day weekend!

Friday started out as usual, although I came in early to "plow" in Farm Town. Then when I left work for the day, I went supply shopping for both mom and myself. I try to be a good steward of God's money, but I always seem to go over-budget on supplies. It's that whole shopping-when-hungry syndrome. Then I have enough food to last two weeks till I get paid again, but like the brat I am, I get bored with the food I have at home and end up spending money to eat-out. Not good. But it's an area I'm working on with the Holy Spirit's help. "How?" you might's that nagging that hits my brain every time I eat-out without paying cash that was specifically set aside. Or a huge reminder when I see a FABulous bargain of an item I like and can't afford cause I've mismanaged. Or guilt when I can't bless someone in need because I was selfish. So I've been convicted.

And Friday night Bill fixed brats. Now, I've only had brats once in my life - they were ok. But the way Bill cooks them, I'd be able to eat them every week! And he LOVES to cook. I think he should chef his own restaurant personally - he's that good. But one rough thing - my home phone line got chewed up under the house again. Maybe I should just lock the cats up under there so they can eat the mice that are too afraid to come into the house topside.

Saturday was nap and pool time! it was great having the housework done in advance and not really caring if dishes were done from the night before. The clear water in the pool was just too inticing! Then later in the afternoon, Bill and I went to Northside for worship. Signed up for a Wednesday night class. It'll be great to get a Summer lesson in. But on the way home, the transmission went out on Bill's car. Talk about being under attack. I've never seen it so much in one person. Reminds me so much of Job! AND - he has a kidney stone AGAIN!

Sunday we went to GCC to see-off the mission team. I was thrilled to see Chayla's mom get baptized! Jeanette is a great lady and it was exciting to welcome her as a new sister in Christ! And it really felt good to be there Sunday. Bill and I love the people at GCC so much. And like Jeremy said, we're family - dysfunctional, but family. The new preacher seems to be doing fine. He's a good fit for GCC. And there's an opportunity for me to teach a class for young adults (around college-age). It would be a going-deeper type of plan. But I'm praying for God's leading on this for sure. I was approached, it got mentioned in a meeting an hour later (without prompting), so now I'm just trying to be observant of God's confirmation He has this work planned for ME.

Then the rest of the day? Resting in and by the pool. Bill and I finally finished the first season of "24." It certainly was the longest day of Jack Bauer's life!