Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Funnies Teacher Stories!

I wanted to try to post today, but I have bene in such a fog with my allergies and back acting up, I jsut couldn't think straight enough to put a complete sentence together. That was until I read Mrs.4444's blog posting today, "Something Stinks." Check out her blog here:

Half-Past Kissin' Time

And after reading this it reminded me of one of my best friend's teaching experiences. It was YEARS ago (because she and I can't possibly be that old), she actually taught at a Christian 2-room school. She taught grades 1-3 (yes, in the same room). The lady is amazing. Anyway, there was one little boy (and why is it always boys?), who claimed he had a fever and wanted to go home. Well, Mrs. Teacher is no fool - feel the forehead! No heat, no sweat - just a kid who wanted to go home and play because another kid got to go home with a fever why couldn't he? So she sent him back to his desk.

Within 5 minutes - all in the time it took to pick up papers and take another to the bathroom to wash dirt off hands, the little boy was back at her desk claiming he had a fever. And this time his forehead was bright red - and somewhat bleeding! "What in the world happened?" asked the teacher. "I have a fever," replied the boy. While in the back of the room - the same area the boy sits - a little hand goes up, "teacher, teacher!" "Yes, Susie," the teacher waited in anticipation. "Don't let him go home." "And why not," the teacher prompted. "Because all he did was rub his head on the floor real hard to get hot."

He had rug-burn! Goofy kids. We still laugh about that. Did the boy get to go home? No. When the parents were told that afternoon - they were beside themselves. They didn't know whether to punish him or laugh till they cried.


Mrs4444 said...

That IS funny! Gotta love the little Susies in class, don't you?! I'm very glad you commented today and led me here. Thanks :)