Monday, June 8, 2009

Computer-Free Weekend!

Believe it or not, I went all weekend without being on the computer! And the thing is, I didn't realize it till I got back to work this morning. And you know something else - I didn't miss it all that much either. Although when I came in and found out Farm Town on Facebook upgraded with flowers and new animals I about went crazy excited! Anyway...time away from the computer got me to thinking.
Bill and I are taking a "Roots & Fruits" class at Northside this Summer. The first week was about discipleship. Great stuff that I'm sure I'll share here from time-to-time. But there was one thing Nathan told us about - scheduling DAWGs: Days Away With God. Brilliant idea if you ask me. I mean, I pray daily - most of the day most days. like a continual conversation with God really. But to schedule a whole day with no distractions - no computer, phone, TV, media of any kind, or even family - just time with my creator. What a day that would be! Now, when to plan it?