Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Fragments

It's that time again. I just love this - Friday Fragments!

Friday Fragments?

Mrs.4444 @ "Half-Past Kissin' Time" has inspired me over the past few weeks to keep this a regular. Besides, it's just so darn easy! Check her's and others' fragments out when you get a chance.

} Farmtown is too addictive, maybe I should quit playing for awhile. Wait, what's this? FarmVILLE? Oh, I really shouldn't...oh what the heck. If only I could manage this much farm in real-life.

} Rain, rain,rain. It's amazing how fast grass grows in two days when it's wet and hot. The mosquitos love it. Glad somebody's happy with the humidity.

} Men. Need I say more.

} I only have one weekend to get through till pay-day. No steaks, but will frozen pizza cook on the grill?

} Michael Jackson died...wait, you knew that already. Farrah and Ed died too, but you knew that too. Just learned yesterday that a friend of mine from high school died yesterday of cancer. Didn,t know that one? Death has a funny way of sneaking up on everybody. Makes us all truly equal regardless of station in life.

} Fresh fruit is wonderful. A retired co-worker who married a produce-company-owner, sent over BOXES of fresh fruit. Plums, oranges, pinneapples, grapes, cantelopes, and strawberries. Yum Yum!!!!

} I am a cornhole champion! My first game ever was at my mom's last weekend. Her boyfriend and I teamed up against mom and her aunt. We won. Last night it was a tie-breaker with Bill and I losing. But when we played again, we switched partners...ane I was on the winning team. Oh yeah! Got to get a set of boards.

} Swimming at night in a warm pool under the stars...need I say more? Ahhhhh.....


Rebecca Jo said...

Fresh fruit... yum!!!!

Mrs4444 said...

Skinny dipping?

I've avoided Farmtown, because I know I would like it too much; I'm already addicted to Scramble and have a bajillion blog posts in my reader...

Cornhole, huh? You don't toss corn in there, do you?? just dawned on me-is it beanbags filled with corn, maybe??

Christy said...

Dipping, definitely! LOL - yes, beanbags with corn. Your family would get a real kick out of this game!